Decide Who You Want To Be, And Then Become The Person Who Does That

How Mindset & Routine control your life.

You have big dreams. You know you are capable of achieving those dreams. You’ve played them out 100 times in your head. If you only had more time, more money. You think this would surely be yours if only you lived in a different time or place. Surely your dreams would be a reality if you didn’t have to go to that job you hate that eats up all your precious time. 

The realities are you dreams can become your future life is you could just get out of your own way. Bogged down by excuses, routine, daily life, laziness, or worse, “they won’t let me”. 

Gurl! I am here to tell you to stop that negative self talk. It’s doing no one any good. All a negative outlook is providing is the comfort of staying put in a life you aren’t 100 percent happy with. 

How do I know?

Because I have a list of my own self defeating habits.

The Goal is to break free from the habits that make your daily life and establish a new routine. After all, our mindset and daily routines control what we really get in life.        

Could it possibly be that fear is holding you back? Or laziness? Maybe you’re a procrastinator, a busy maker, or suffer from analysis paralysis. 

Whatever it is that keeps you tied to living a life designed from your past thoughts and behaviors, today we are going to talk about simple steps you can take starting now to step into the life of your future dreams.        


We all deal with fear in some way or another. Let’s face it, most of us sit around and let fear control our lives so much that we end up living a life of protective walls guarded by anxiety.

Here is a list of some common fears we all deal with on some level.

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I’m rejected?
  • What if I look bad?
  • What will others think?
  • What if “they” laugh at me?
  • What if I look stupid?
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t know the right people

And let’s not forget the I’m nots

  • I’m not qualified
  • I’m not smart
  • I’m not attractive
  • I’m not old enough
  • I’m not young enough
  • I’m not fit enough                 

What I see here is a whole lot of “I’m not enough”. Go ahead, add your own fears to this list. Family fears, social fears, work fears, money fears. 

We all have them. Lurking around waiting for us to step outside our comfort zone. Them Blam-O! They rear their ugly heads.  

What if you took those fears and turned them into a positive? 

For instance, now that you’ve identified your fears, think about what the opposite of those fears would look like.

I’m not smart enough, is huge! but what if you redirected the thought to be something more positive. “I’m learning about my craft, and everyday I feel more qualified to do the work.”

Change, “I’m so tired after working all day to have any energy to pursue my art.” to “I love that I can use my time at work to learn about the online skills I’ll use once my art is online.”

Clearly you need to take the time to re-direct these statements. Make them affirmations. Then post them somewhere you can see them daily. 

Do it Now! I’ll wait.

Remember fear is just energy. And energy can be shifted. It may feel silly or forced or untrue at first, but if you continue to reframe, you will start to feel that energy change within yourself.

The Grass is Greener

Let me tell you what I know about grass. It’s not always greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it. If you waste your time checking out your neighbors yard and how great it looks instead of focusing your attention on your own yard then yay, their yard will be greener. 

Start taking care of your own yard. Pretty soon you’ll notice you have something in common with the neighbors yard. A conversation will naturally start. Tricks will be traded. The value of both your homes curb appeal with increase, you will be learning as you grow.

In a nutshell, clean up your own backyard. The grass will be greener when you do. 

Take care of all the little things. These add up to the big things. break it down into sections and start plugging away.

Here’s a list of small things you can do everyday that will save you time, money, mental power so you can focus on the important stuff. 

  • Make your bed
  • Take a shower
  • Get dressed
  • Brush your teeth and your hair.
  • Silence your phone
  • Limit your social media scrolling
  • Clean your home.
  • De-clutter

Seems silly? Maybe, but it’s the little things we do to take care of our outer environment that affect our inner environment. Small steps equals big changes.

Baby Steps

Establish a morning routine. Make it one that doesn’t include jumping on your phone first thing in the morning. When you do this you are diving head first into the troubles of the world, and reminding yourself of who you were yesterday. Your algorithm is set up to reflect the person you have been. Not the person you are becoming. 

If this seems impossible to you, then take the time and clean up your feed. Only like and click on positive things and images that will lead you to more of those thoughts and feelings. Dump the voices of negative dividing news links and stories. Make your scrolling a pleasant one.

Start writing down 3 things you will do everyday to lead you into the direction of your dreams. Break them down into baby steps so they don’t overwhelm you. Do these things first thing in the morning so they don’t linger all day. Or plan out what time you will work on them so you don’t continue to put off what’s important.

This will help establish a morning routine that is designed to move you forward.

Simple Not Easy

Note that I said these are simple tasks you can set into motion right now. I did not say easy. This is why it’s important to break the big steps into small ones. 

Making your bed sounds simple enough, but if it’s not a part of your normal daily routine, then it may take some brain power at first. I use this example because there are a ton of studies, stemming from the Marines, that suggest that doing this sets up the vibe of your whole day. Look into it here.

We are all in a state of uncertainty right now as we are quarantined at home. What a great opportunity to establish your new mindset and morning routine. You aren’t going anywhere (please don’t go anywhere), and you have the time. I understand how nice sweats, Netflix, sleeping in can be, but is it helping you reach your dreams? 

Use this time wisely. Get ahead now in your efforts. It’s a great opportunity the world just gave you. You can shine, or scroll. You decide. 

Creative Connections

Keeping your distance while staying connected.

As you are probably discovering, being home all the time can be hard, or rather boring. If you don’t start finding ways to get creative with your time then you might find yourself in the category of binge watching shows on Netflix that you find yourself not really into. You’re feeling restless, bored, you scroll mindlessly through facebook and instagram, read yet another article on the pandemic. Freaking yourself out you grab a bag of Doritos and go back to watching a mediocre movie to numb out.

Not good. Not healthy. Not a good way to waste time. 

Besides the endless amount of things we say we’d love to get to if we only had time, there are a ton of ways to get creative and feel good about being home. 

There is a rebel part of you who wants to connect with loved ones now more than ever. Nothing like being told to isolate that makes us miss other humans. 

Below are several ways to reach out to friends in a meaningful way. Use your brain. Work that mind muscle. You will feel more connected. You will raise the vibration inside yourself, and raise the vibration of those around you by getting creative and sharing that with the world.

Sing a Song!

Musicians this is a great opportunity to be heard by the masses. Get on FB live or record yourself to upload. Nothing is more healing, and nothing connects us more than music. Play your original stuff, play your favorite country or pop tune. Play it all. Share it with the world. The world needs this great communicator now more than ever. Raise us all up through the power on song.

Rock On.

Paint some rocks. Go back to that childhood glory and a paint a rock. You can put messages of love and hope, or go silly with it. Then go out into the neighborhood and leave them out for walkers to find. The little things in life connect us. Finding a rock painted with an image or message is sure to brighten some lucky finders day.

Make Street Art

Have any chalk? Go draw up the sidewalk with a hop scotch messaged with words of hope. Let your community know that they are not alone. Create a path of arrows for them to follow. Lead them to a great view or rose bush. Bring a smile to their day.

Send a Card

I personally love writing cards. And who doesn’t like getting one. It dosen’t really matter what you say. It doesn’t have to be anything really. That’s the beauty of the card. It’s the fact that they open their mail to something other than junk and bills. A simple I miss you, I love you, I thought this was funny. Don’t overthink it.


We have 4 little free libraries in my neighborhood. You know the ones in front of people’s homes you walk by and see what books are available. Make some bookmarks and leave them there for passersby to grab for their new book. It’s a small sentiment that they will hold onto and most likely be grateful to on longer use that old receipt or folding a corner.

Door Dash!

You remember being a kid on May day? Picking dandlions from the yard and placing them on your neighbors doorstep and then running to hide? That’s what I’m talking about, but it doesn’t have to be flowers. Create gift bags with homemade trail mix, a hat you crocheted, or a poem you love. We want to to maintain your social distance so knock and hide. No need for a visit here.

Concert of One

Pull out that guitar, sit on your porch and play. Bring music to your neighbors. At appropriate hours of course, and appropriate language. I’m all for self expression, but let’s work within the not getting the police called on you factor. 

Play music and practice a dance routine as though you we’re on stage. Recite Shakespeare out to the world. A poem of love and grei, hope and loss, beauty and death. Have fun with your concert. Entertain family members and maybe a neighbor or two.


Start a creative zoom meet up where you share ideas. Do weekly challenges. Bring your book club online for some facetime. Show people how to make masks to send to local hospitals and nursing homes. Teach piano. Do a writing challenge. Zoom is a great way to connect live and be on the moment with others.

Play Telephone

You remember the game. One person whispers in the ear of their neighbor a silly phrase, then that person says what they heard to he next, and so on down the line. The last person then says what they heard out loud and everyone laughs because it’s not at all what the first person said. Yes do this, but with a project. Start a project, then become unattached to the outcome by sending it to a friend to add to. Then instruct them to pass along to someone else. Create a space so everyone involved can see the progress. Like a text chain. See what wild and awesome ways it turns.

Talk to Me

Finally call someone and check it. I know, it doesn’t sound too creative. But it is. We have lost the art of the phone call. We get wrapped into texting. I get it. It’s fast and easy and you don’t need to waste unnecessary conversation. Well I challenge you to have those unnecessary conversations. Hear the voice of someone you love. Tell them you’re thinking of them and just wanted to connect. They’re at home bored too. They want to tell you about what’s keeping them sane. You can even hear about the terrible Netflix show you watched although neither of you liked it. Communication. I know it’s hard, but you and your loved one will feel better once you do it. Trust me on this one.

However you decide to spend this time, I hope and encourage you to make it creative. You will feel better about yourself and more hopeful about the world around you. I’m not suggesting that this time is going to be easy, but it can be fun. It can be an opportunity to focus on who and what matters. You get to decide how your react to the world. You can make it a negative experience or a positive one. This is all determined by you! And how you choose to interact with the world and all it’s circumstances. Choose to continue to be creative and you are choosing to bring joy into a world that son desperately needs your light.

7 Artistic Goals to Set During Quarantine

Achievable Goals to set while Isolated

Every minute feels like a new reality in today’s world. While Washington has been quarantined and most businesses have shut down. People are in a panic. I won’t lie, it’s getting to me too. The best we can do during this time of isolation is to stay calm, and focus on what we can control. 

There continues to be so much pressure in the world and it can be challenging to focus on goals, but what else can you do? As artists we should be taking this time to direct our energy to all those projects we never seem to have the time to do. No reason to feel guilt or shame about not accomplishing our creative goals. The universe has quite literally just opened up space for you to work.

The current quarantine could last for months! We really have no way of knowing what the next move will be. In the meantime you have time to set those achievable goals. Something that you can own. A way to take control of your time in a positive manner.

Let’s set goals that will empower you as an artist. Quarantine Goals!

Be Specific. Setting a “sew more” goal is not going to cut it. It’s too vague. If sewing more is your goal, add something measurable to it. Like “Sew 15 minutes per day”, “4 hours a week”, or “finishing a project a month”. Whatever you can realistically see yourself achieving.

Growing your craft can take on many roles outside of actually doing the things. You can set goals that help you grow your creativity as well as your skill. These are sometimes the best goals because they are fun, and creativity should be fun.

Learn a New Creative Skill

Knitting, Cooking, Jewellery making, Hula hoop dancing, Yoga, Singing, what sounds fun and achievable? Learning how to use your body and mind in a new fashion than you normally would re-set your creativity. Opening new windows in your mind even when it seems completely unconnected.

Whenever Einstein was having a hard time figuring out a math equation he would step away and play violin. This would help his brain to relax and reform neural pathways. Making it easier for him to approach the math problems from a new perspective.

Look at Art

Start following artists and art publications on Instagram. Use it as a way to scroll past a gallery of inspiration, rather than a scroll past negativity and frustration. Open your mind to new forms of art. Pay attention to what really speaks to you. See how paying attention to art influences your own artistic journey. Then make a goal to incorporate one or a couple of these ideas into your work.

Share your Art

Being brave enough to show your art is a struggle in itself. It puts you in a vulnerable position. Like, ”here’s my heart”, and hoping the world will be kind. So many talented people are far too self-conscious about their work to show it. Don’t let the opinions of others influence what is in your heart. Art has never been meant to make you feel comfortable. It’s meant to show the world a new perspective. One that is in you that no one else has the ability to do, because it’s yours. 

Mainstream media will dictate images and styles based on the majority of what is out there. Great! But that doesn’t mean your work is wrong if it doesn’t hit the mainstream. In my gen X fashion, I would argue once it hits the mainstream it’s time to move on.

There is great reward in sharing your work with others. It’s risky and that’s what makes it fun. There are a ton of Facebook groups you can join in the creative niche you are looking for support from. Writing, crocheting, pottery, mixed media, dance. Go find your people. 

Set a goal to connect with others in your medium this month. Make an appointment to show your work to a gallery or coffee shop. Build your website. Place a date, and make it happen. No more procrastinating.


Quit overthinking the project. Start doing the project. Sure you will mess up. You may ruin a couple canvases, have to rip out stitches, take all day to throw a pot. Who cares! Do it anyway. Setting goals to be more creative means you will have to fail. This is a part of success that no one likes to talk about. Recognize this as a sign of growth and do it again. You have to be willing to risk complete failure when trying new things. And I bet you go back to that project as a learning opportunity over and over again in your creative journey. Listen, if you’re not trying something new, are you really growing?

harness your best Bob Ross attitude. Put yourself in a world where there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. All mistakes help us to focus and adapt. Mistakes help us to examine what we thought we knew,  and grow in meaningful ways. There might be nothing more important on our creative journey.

Dive into your Stash

I know a lot of creative types, and if you’re anything like the rest of us you have a stash of unused art supplies. Piles of yarn, fabric, film, gemstones, trinkets, and do-dads that you have kept because you know you will use them in a project one day. Well, their time has come. We must make use of all we have. We creatives tend to hoard. Guilty. It’s time to change our mindset from seeing this stash as possibility and start using them to create. You will feel instant progress in seeing your stash dwindle as your creativity flourishes. What are you really saving all the “good” material for. Use it. Get in there and see what you’re made of.

Make it a goal to use your saved up items. Get started today. Get on Pinterest and see what you can make out of what you have. Join an art challenge.

A couple of years ago I did a 100-day challenge. It was through a lady I follow on Instagram, ellaluna, Author of The Crossroads of Should and Must. She guides you through setting up your own 100 day practice. Including daily posts of what you’ve done. I did granny squares. It was motivating and I created a jacket out of the deal. 

My friend Cat gathered 366 words, via her social network, and committed to blindly drawing a word a day to turn into a watercolor. Every night she would post her work, including the word and tag the person who gave her the word. The following January she hosted a show of all her work. It was inspired dedication. She now has a daily practice that has moved her work from good to exceptional.


Be a mentor, or looking to be mentored, or both? It’s always a swell idea to connect with someone you look up to. Become Pen pals. Ask for advice. Most likely they will be flattered. People want to share their experience. Find the one’s you want to move you along your own journey. Perhaps start becoming more active on the social media, or send them a line. 

Another great goal is to mentor someone else. Do you gave a nephew, or God-daughter who shows interest in what you do. Reach out. They may be in a place of growth, looking for help in your skill set. There are a sea of parents in the world right now homeschooling who would love some help from someone just like you. Show off your knowledge. Get involved. 

Either way, it’s a wonderful way to connect and share our journeys. You may not feel experienced enough, but I guarantee you you know something another can benefit from. Don’t go discounting yourself. You never know the impact you might have on another’s creative path. 


Observe what’s happening in the world. Let’s face it, it’s hard not too. Use this to fuel your work. Let the feeling come out in your painting. An interpretive dance of separation and rage might be the flow your living room needs to center your creative mind. See inspiration. Be present in how you feel right now. Taking a picture is great, but try capturing how you feel about the shot first. Go deeper, add something new to your normal lense.

Instead of buying into fear and worry, commit to using this as a time of growth. Wash your hands, stay at home, check in on your loved ones, and get lost in your creative flow. Feel free to share your projects here. Let’s motivate each other.

Hello Granny Square

A short history of the most popular crochet pattern.

Granny Squares

If you were born in The 1970’s like me, you probably have some strong feelings attached to the granny square motif. I find two sets of people weigh in on this subject. Those who love them, and those who loathe them.

I fall into the first category. I love the granny square. I see an endless stream of rainbow colored funky motifs, that can be made one granny at a time. It really helps my brain to break-up a project into baby steps. 

There are so many applications and variations of this traditional crochet technique that one could do nothing but and never repeat the same pattern.

So what is a granny square?

Usually five rounds of double crochets clusters worked into chain spaces. After learning to chain on a crochet hook, this is the first thing I learned how to crochet. It’s arguably still my favorite crocheting technique. It’s fast, fun, colorful, and I can get mind head into the zone while my fingers do the work.

Thrift store yarn

If you knit or crochet, you most likely have a ton of leftover yarn from all the projects you finished. You always buy extra because you don’t want to run out mid project. It’s the worst, trust me, I’ve been in that boat and its zero fun.

Maybe it’s half a skein of yarn or less. Vintage yarns and old color balls of someone cleaning out their home are hot scores at the thrift store. Trouble is they’re usually hard, if not impossible, to find a color match. This is where granny squares come into play. The 1970’s chic bohemian look of colorful yarns came to be from a long history of making due and making use of what you had.

Waste not want not.

So the Granny Square played a role in the simple use of leftover yarns, and putting them into a functional and fun use. Using a varied combination of different colors is a great way to fly through your extra stash.

So what’s with the name?

So why the name granny square? This is probably the most recognized form of crochet. People who don’t knit or crochet know the term. I always thought it got its name because it’s what grandmas made. It’s what my great grandma made so it made sense. And I’m not far off. 

Granny Squares have been traditional for a very long time!

In 1897 Weldons Practical Needlework featured a pattern for the ”Patchwork Square”. It suggested that this pattern would be a great way to use up your leftover yarn. And then used to be sewn together creating a blanket. Because there was a simple pattern to repeat, it could be done in sections so there was little to remember. It was also suggested that it could be done with your eyes closed, so eyesight wasn’t a factor. You can feel the pattern rather than see it. 

So a granny, with aging eyes who can use what she has on hand, and can feel the pattern, with no worries about color or remembering row count, can continue to crochet beautiful projects. 

They’re called crochet granny squares only in part because grandmothers like to crochet them. Although it has never traditionally only been granny’s who crochet, the stereotype is that they do. 

Youngsters are hip to it.

I taught myself to knit in my early 20’s, and in my late 20’s I moved to crochet. I enjoy both. They put me in a meditation. I feel the connection between women throughout time. 

How can you make a granny square

To crochet a granny square, all you need is yarn and a crochet hook. You can use any type of yarn and any size crochet hook. For best results, use the crochet hook recommended for the weight of your yarn: This information can be found on the yarn label.

I recommend not going too small or too large when starting out. You’re gonna want to see your work, and going too big or too small might make this more challenging. An easy place to start is with a worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook.

If you’re more seasoned at this, feel free to play around with yarn type and hook size. 

There are different ways to start a crochet granny square, but this is the most common method and a good place to begin.

Pattern Notes & Stitches to Know

sl st – slip stitch

ch – chain

dc – double crochet

ch 3 at beginning of each round counts as dc


ch 4, join to first ch with sl st to make a loop

Round 1: ch 3 (counts as dc), working in the ring, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc, ch 3, join to first ch 3 with sl st (12 dc)

Round 2: sl st over the next 2 stitches, insert hook in ch 3 space, pull up new color,

working in the ch 3 space, (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in ch 3 space,

*(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in next ch 3 space*, repeat from * to * around, join to first ch 3 with sl st (24 dc)

Round 3:  sl st over the next 2 stitches, insert hook in ch 3 space, pull up new color,

working in the first ch 3 space, (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in ch 3 space, 3 dc in the space between the 3 dc groups from previous row

*(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in ch 3 space, 3 dc in between the 3 dc groups from the previous row* repeat from * to * around, join to first ch 3 with sl st (36 dc)

Round 4: sl st over the next 2 stitches, insert hook in ch 3 space, pull up new color,

working in the first ch 3 space, (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in ch 3 space,

3 dc in each space between the 3 dc groups from the previous row across to the next ch 3 space, *(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in ch 3 space,  dc in each space between the 3 dc groups from the previous row across to the next ch 3 space* repeat from * to * around, join to first ch 3 with sl st (48 dc)

And there you have it! Simply repeat round 4 until it’s the desired size. Happy hooking!

Peer-Panel Grants

4Culture Grants deadline approaching fast!

Deadline is fast approaching

If you are involved in the Arts here in the greater Seattle Area you have no doubt heard of 4Culture. Every year this amazing organization helps connect artists to opportunities throughout King County. 4Culture receives revenue from King County lodging taxes and 1% for Art Capital Contruction. They use these funds to help create a more vibrant region by providing artists with opportunities to be seen

Deadlines are fast approaching!

March 4th to be exact. And although it might be too late to get one of the educated staff on the phone for a Q&A, you still have time to get an application in. 4Culture is accepting grants throughout the year and you can find a complete breakdown on their website at This week the deadlines are set for 3 separate grants. Each grant helps support many projects. 

The three categories are:

  • Preservation Special Projects
  • Individual Art Projects
  • Heritage Projects

I had the opportunity to go to an informational meeting at the Downtown Renton Library last week to learn more. The meeting was led by Heather Dwyer. Heather is the contact for all individuals applying for grants. She also plays a role in facilitating the all peer panel who will review the applications.

All Peer-Panel

I think it’s important that we talk about the panel process. If you have ever applied for a grant before, you know how grueling the process can be. You work tirelessly to ensure you are showcasing your project in the best possible fashion. You research every aspect of the application and have every piece planned out. This is a great idea. You are confident that they will see you and your project as a no brainer

That voice inside your head telling you that you are not professional, or you don’t have enough experience pops up, and you squelch it with your attention to details. Your quality images will set you apart. And the proposal itself is dynamite.

But you don’t get the grant. You don’t understand why. Feeling burnt out and rejected you let the project go. The idea sits now on the shelf next to all the other brilliant ideas that never found a way into reality.

I’m here to tell you to not give up. It is not uncommon to apply multiple times before you are given a nod. This can be determined by many things.

  • You have no idea who else has applied that round. For all you know there were eight other projects similar to yours. And perhaps one of those eight had a feature that fit the mode of the panel more than the rest. Nothing at all to do with you.
  • You made a mistake on your application. This put you into the wrong review category. Simple mistakes like this happen all the time. I know the people at 4Culture do their best to review, and make sure you have the opportunity to change this, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Unfortunately this may be an error you as the applicant might not even be aware you made. 

For instant, in the 4Culture application for individual Art Projects you are asked to pick one of three choice criterion you want the peer panel to use to evaluate your application those choices are:

  1. Sustained value – these are projects that are a considered continued growth in your area of experience
  1. Community  – projects that are designed to be created with the community. Not here’s what I did for the community 
  1. Artistic Development – projects that are outside of your current area of work. Projects designed to push you the artist in some way.

You pick the one that is closely aligned with your application. The peer-panel separates them and makes decisions. You might select 1. Sustained value (the most popular category), when your project might have been more aligned to 2. Community engagement. 

Most importantly, the thing to remember is this;

A peer-panel are working artists, musicians, poets, dancers, writers, film makers, etc. in your community.
When you factor that in, you can’t help but see that at least a little bit is going to be personal preferences. It cannot be helped. Different peer-panel selecting the from the same pool of applicants might turn out very differently.

Do not be discouraged. 

It really may have nothing to do with you, your presentation, or your project at all. 

And the last thing I’ll say about this, and I cannot stress this enough, is ask for feedback. 

Ask for feedback. 

Get the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be open to feedback. This is a group of humans who do this all day, everyday. They know what’s up. They are very literally there to help. To answer your questions and help you succeed. 

The first time I applied for a grant with the city of Seattle I didn’t get it. I called and asked why. They were very honest. 

One, I was told my project “just wasn’t interesting enough”. My walls immediately went up. How dare you! That’s just your opinion.

And it was. 

Just one persons opinion, but unfortunately it was a decision maker’s opinion. 

Second, I was told that what I was proposing wouldn’t work on the location I had chosen, because it interfered with a parks code. It was immediately thrown out. He then told me to do some more research next time to ensure I was selecting a workable wall. He said if I had done that the idea would have gone further. 

Two decision makers, two reasons why. One humbled artists setting her ego aside so she could be more prepared for the next time.

We live in a dynamic metropolis full of budding and seasoned artists. An area that is open to art and artists from all walks of life. We live in a time where there is so much possibility and so little resources that we all end up going for the same opportunities. 

This is wonderful. 

Keep on trying

It means when you finally get a project funded you know it was worth all your hard work. That you have beat out many, like you who also have worked hard. And you will succeed in your project knowing you have been given a valuable opportunity to be in the energy of all our region encompasses. So keep trying. Keep going. And keep seeking out opportunities from 4Culture. 

Develop a relationship with them so they see you coming. Find your local commission and get involved with them. On the RMAC we love to do match funds. Find ways to keep developing your craft. Know that there are many groups who are looking for projects like yours. Keep developing them until you see that dream come true.