Heart-Light Studios is a reflection of my journey to connect people to their own heart’s light. You are a unique soul, put on this earth to provide gifts only you know how to offer. Breathwork is a tool I use to help you reconnect to your true nature. Free from the binds that have been holding you back from fully loving your life. 

I specialize in working with people, organizations, and groups interested in self-reflection and growth.

Sometimes we need an outside perspective to help us see the beautiful mosaic that we are. Breathing through the uncomfortable I can help you grow and shine. Together we will find breath routines that help you to grow and guide you down a spiritual path. 

Your breath is your constant companion.

Breathwork can bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface. It isn’t uncommon for bouts of laughter, crying, and anger to find a place along the journey. 

By working towards self-discovery you will find your breath to be your biggest ally and guide. Supporting you through both the good and bad times that inevitably will come up.

I shine bright when I am of service to others. Your success is my success. 

I started using my skills to help provide resources to others and connect them to opportunities.

This journey has provided me with an opportunity to meet others like you on their own path towards inner reflection. As a breath coach, I have the awesome privilege and opportunity to be part of your success story.

Currently, I find myself absorbed in the world of breath, meditation, and self-reflection. Helping others to find the right words and resources to define their dreams and leading retreats to help creative thinkers find their own path.

Living a creative path takes courage, and I want to help you succeed as I have.

Whenever I set out to do anything, I have no idea how I was going to get there.

Goal-setting guides me to get things done in baby steps.

Sharing my toolbox of knowledge to help others live their purpose.

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