Looking to Achieve Big Dreams? Better Check Your Mindset

Put Your Attitude to the Test

If you are on the path towards a big dream, you better take a deep look at your mindset and adjust your attitude accordingly. The secret to achieving those big goals is all about putting your attitude to the test. 

Whenever you are looking to try something new there will always be subtle obstacles that show up in your path. Every time you go after another goal more challenges come up. It’s these repeating patterns and challenges that conflict with your good intentions and always seem to stand in the way of your success.

You will always be presented with tests in life no matter what you decide to do. Some are obvious, some more subtle, but all happen as a result of an intention you put out into the universe. 

Let’s say you are starting a new career and it’s exciting and ready to jump in. Things start out going really well until setbacks arise as you are faced with new information. This new challenge brings up old patterns and suddenly things feel a bit hazy. This gray area is where so many of us fail. 

We begin to see the haze as a sign that we really aren’t clear about what we’re doing, when in reality it might just be a sign that it’s time to practice patience.

Life will always test you when you set an intention and start taking steps towards a new goal.

Every time you set out on a path it will be met with a test. When you are working on something new it requires you to step outside your comfort zone and that requires vulnerability and trust. You will have to work through some limiting beliefs that have kept you comfortable, and you should. Good goals should always be used to help stretch you to be better. 

Our beliefs can be very powerful and your brain is always trying to protect you so you will have to prove to your brain that you are ready for adversity. 

I like to think of these tests as the end boss in a video game. I played a lot of Zelda in my youth and before you leveled up you had to face a mean, and usually super large, bad, end boss. It was like all the creatures in that level took steroids and morphed into this end boss. 

  • It took skill. Which is what the level prepared you for
  • It took perseverance. Like going head-to-head with the end boss for days!!!
  • It took patience. Because it’s so frustrating to watch this monster steal my energy hearts over and over and over again.
  • It took concentration. Knowing where and when to jump, hide, and fight.
  • It took stamina. Being ready to come back and fight again and again until you figured it out.

The glory of beating an end boss is so rewarding. The music, the autoplay of Link and Zelda reuniting, the reward of beating a monster you weren’t sure how to defeat. 

This is how I sometimes think of my business. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds, but I remember that I set out with a mission, and knew there would be setbacks along the way. 

Sometimes things are going great and you’re growing and building, and other times you need to learn, and grow, and have patience as you build your dream. 

It’s important to remember that sometimes growth doesn’t look like growth. Sometimes growth looks like figuring out a limiting belief that you must overcome. 

The trajectory on the path to your dream isn’t going to be a straight line. Being prepared for setbacks is part of the test that will push you forward. 

The best thing you can do in these moments is to adjust your attitude. Your attitude is the only thing you are 100% responsible for. 

When things seem impossible and all your worries and fears are staring you down it’s your attitude that will carry you forward. 

That’s it.

If you are able to keep your attitude in the direction of your dreams, everything else will catch up. It’s up to you to project out to the universe how you want to feel. 

When you want something you’ve never had before you must intend it first. Take a moment right now and feel and how you want to feel when you achieve your dream. Because once the experience has happened in your thoughts the universe starts rearranging to help you receive it in reality. If you spend most of your day seeing lack, feeling lack, and experiencing lack then that is what the universe will continue to show you. This is why your attitude is everything. 

Even as you begin to work on a new dream or goal and are being tested you have to know that you know that you know that’s it’s coming to you. There is always something to be thankful for and gratitude is the quickest way to move your thoughts from lack to grace. 

The Path of Least Resistance

The universe is always arranging itself to work with the path of least resistance. This is to not disrupt the natural order of things. You are constantly telling the universe what you want by the emotions you emit. 

Energy connects with energy so when you want something you’ve never had before you need to find a way to project a matching energy. When challenges come up and obstacles are in your way it’s the universe testing your new energy, seeing if you’re ready to move out of your old comfort zone to get to that goal. 

When a challenge comes up and you throw in the towel (I’m totally guilty of this) the universe says, “Okay, cool, you don’t really want that dream job, person, adventure.” But, when you meet this new resistance with a feeling of faith or growth then your attitude starts to adjust and your mindset is strengthened on the path to your goal.

The path of least resistance begins to move in the direction of your dreams and things start working in your favor when you believe in what you’re doing and can see these tests as part of the practice to level up.

The more you resist these tests the longer you’re stuck fighting that obstacle. 

The universe wants to deliver and it always is. If you’re not seeing the results you want then it’s time to look at your attitude. 

We have become so comfortable in our small little minds that we forget that there is a universe out there constantly showing us exactly what we continually think about. 

Unwavering Faith

Humans have over 6,000 thoughts per day! And many of the studies online suggest that 80% of those thoughts are negative. Once you become aware of your attitude and how many negative thoughts you have on a daily basis it can feel alarming! You might start getting frustrated about all the negative output in your mind. 

It’s okay. You are now aware of the power of your attitude, and you are now able to start redirecting those thoughts with the practice of gratitude. Small minds play the victim, but you don’t. You are focusing on how you want to feel. And the more you feel empowered, capable, and worthy the more faith you begin to have in your future. 

You actually start seeing your goals manifest and it begins to feel right. The universe is more aligned to your new attitude and the path of least resistance flows in your favor. 

It takes work. But it’s the best kind of work you can do. 

Mindset Work

Working on bettering your mind is always worth your time. Becoming aware of your thoughts is powerful and can help you to unlock the doors to your success faster once you accept where you currently are in your present reality. Not playing the blame game or feeling sorry for yourself, but owning your experience, then you can use that to start to redirect your focus on where you want to go. You can take steps to correct your attitude to reflect how you want to feel. This will begin a compound effect that helps you to act in a way that invites in the energy in alignment with your goal. 

But that is a blog for another time. 

Breath Mindset

So much of life is out of your control, and there is always going to be a reason to give up and go back to your comfort zone. Your attitude is one of those awesome things you get to control, so use that power wisely. 

When you need an attitude adjustment, turn to your breath. Every breath pattern you have is associated with a set of emotions and emotional reactions, so use your breath to calm your nervous system. Then you will have more space to allow your energy and thoughts to travel in a more positive way that will only benefit your growth and happiness. 

Looking for some breathing techniques to help check your attitude? Here are a few, “When Life Moves You Out of Alignment, Take a Step Back and Breathe”