Make Peace With Reality By Learning to Tell the Truth

The Practice of Living with Integrity

One of the quickest ways to propel your life in a positive direction is to get in the habit of telling the truth. And if the truth seems like too much to bear, then at the very least, don’t make false statements. Be mindful about the words you speak and learn when to hold your tongue. Truth is the ultimate weapon if you want to make peace with reality.

In the book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz says “Be Impeccable with your word.” He suggests that you never use your words to gossip about yourself or others. We all know how a simple lie can turn against us. Feeding into more lies to keep the original lie in tack, only to end up betraying ourselves in the process. 

Spreading emotional poison is one way we dig our own graves. Your life will become simpler, and less anxiety-filled when you take gossip out of your life. Gossip is poison, and the more you do it the more you and others begin to see an altered view of a situation or an individual. 

Rumors and gossip are a way of taking your truth and manipulating the world to see your perspective to get results that benefit you to the detriment of others.

By keeping your mouth shut instead of involving yourself in untrue or altered opinions you will notice a sense of lightness. No more trying to keep stories straight or manipulate people to get what you want. You will feel more grounded in reality and reality is the common place where all paths cross. 

Some people are so used to lying and manipulating by way of gossip that they believe their personal opinions to be the entire truth. You cannot manipulate the world, and even if you do get ahead by this method, karma will come back for you. 

We’ve all been there: caught up in a lie that we can’t get out of, and things never work out great. 

Listen to Your Body

Our bodies know when something is true or not. If you listen to how your body feels physically when you say something you will know if your words are true for you or not. 

Pay attention to your gut. 

  • Do you feel grounded in the truth of your words?
  • Do you feel disconnected?
  • Do you feel weak?

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson suggests that in all his years of work he has never seen anyone get away with anything, EVER. He says, “Everything you do to manipulate or hurt another for your own benefit will absolutely come back to haunt you and usually in a magnified way.”

Truth and Reality

You might be thinking about your own experiences, times you gossiped or manipulated others to think your way to fit in. You might be thinking of times gossip was used against you and how terrible it hurt. These experiences are put in our path to remind us to strive toward truth. We’ve all hurt and have been hurt by lies, gossip, and the manipulating power they hold. We can reflect on these incidences in our own lives whenever we catch ourselves about to speak unkindly about another. Experience is our teacher. When looking to lessen stress and anxiety plant your words in reality; the collective truth of many. 

This doesn’t mean to not speak your own truth. We certainly must in order to grow. It means knowing when you are about to say something untrue or to the detriment of another. 

Practice this and you will see positive changes occur in your life. 

Truth and Love

We are all seeking truth and we are all creatures of love. We want love so badly that we do deceitful things to attain it. This, we know, never works. You need trust to build love. Love is trust. They go hand in hand. Practice telling more of the truth and you will inevitably start to see more love surround you. 

We are all flawed, and it’s easy to point out the damaged parts we see in others. Somewhere along the line, we found this as a way to perverse our own ego. It didn’t work in the past, and it won’t work now. We do no good for ourselves and those around us by throwing black magic around with our words. We can do so much more for ourselves and others by speaking words of hope and transformation. 

We can manifest a brilliant reality by pouring out love through our words. 

  • Wouldn’t you want to live in a world ruled by people courageous enough to speak their truth from a place of love? 
  • How nice would it be to disagree with another without dirt being flung? 

Courage to Speak the Truth

We all tell little white lies to keep others safe, but we also want people to be honest with us. Life can be cruel and we all go through times when it feels like the world has turned against us. During these times it’s easy to see the bitter side of us come out. It’s easy to look at someone who seemingly has it all and want to tear them down. It takes courage to continue to be grounded in truth. 

When you are given the option to join in gossip and continue the spread of lies or have the courage to not get involved, you will find taking the high road will guide you out of your own misery much faster and with much more support from the universe. 

In any situation where you choose truth over lies, you will always have reality on your side. 

The moment you choose to fall back into gossip, reality will turn away from you. Making it much harder to find forward momentum in your life and you will find yourself back in a place of self-loathing and drinking from the cup of arrogance. 

Being honest with yourself and others is the fastest way to change your current circumstance. Until you are willing to be honest with your life and all of the good (or bad) that surrounds you, you will never change anything, and your life will continue to unfold in the same way. 

Your words can either bind you to others or tear you away from them. When you have mutual trust with another and know they will always be honest with you, you can get a lot of work done. When trust is missing, things get really hard. No one knows what you’re up to and what your motives are. You will feel alone and continue to corrupt the truth to your advantage. 


A trait that we all look for in others is integrity. Those who have successfully used their voice in a way that speaks to many with being manipulative or dishonest. These are the type of people we strive to be like. The type of people who push us to be better. 

Integrity comes at a price. You must be willing to let the ego rest and serve others. Be honest, follow through with our words, and share compassion towards everyone…Including yourself. 

How much would your life change if you started talking to yourself as though you cared about yourself?

Self-Love is Self-truth

A big factor in the gossip and lies we spread has to do with how much we love ourselves. When you’re living in love you aren’t thinking about hurting others. When your mind is filled with thoughts of abundance you’re not noticing the lack in others. As the saying goes, “hurt people, hurt people.”

When others have what you want you have two choices…

  1. Live in resentment and use your words to hurt them
  2. Stand behind truth and ask yourself the right questions to figure out how you too can have those things.

Finding your truth requires deep inquiry into your life. This may feel uncomfortable, so you much show up as though you love yourself and ask the hard questions.

  • How did I play a role in my circumstances?
  • How can I live with more integrity?
  • How can I choose to show up for my family/ relationship/ job?
  • How can I fall in love with my career?
  • What tools can I put into place to resist my temptations?
  • What can I be doing every day to optimize my happiness?
  • What is my life vision?
  • What do I truly want?
  • What am I doing to take care of my mental and physical well-being?

Instead of spending time worrying about others and being drawn into the dramas of other people’s lives, try and focus on cleaning up your own dramas. Get honest with yourself. See reality for what it is and begin to lay out a strategy to move you towards a brighter tomorrow. 

Keep yourself grounded in reality by stepping into truth and away from a false sense of who you are. 

Here’s a breath practice that helps you know when your words are not in alignment with your true nature.