Ring True with the Nature Inside Yourself and Say Goodbye to Mental Instability

Your Mental Health is Counting on You to Seek Within

Gun violence continues to rise and our ability to handle uncertainty is getting shorter by the day. In 2020 there were over 43,000 gun-related deaths in the US according to Gun Violence Archive. Halfway through 2021 and we have already passed the 24,000 marks for gun fatalities. Gun violence hasn’t been this high in over two decades. 

It’s easy to look around and see why this is happening. We are living our lives in a pressure cooker and the heat keeps going up. It’s impossible to turn around without hearing the latest in world drama. 

  • Our oceans are on fire
  • Our forests are on fire
  • Our communities are on fire

And this has just become a normal summer happening for those of us living on the West Coast. Fossil fuels are being sucked out of the earth and are building up greenhouse gases that are changing our climate. Mother Earth is dying and this is just one of the underlying layers that many don’t have time to even consider thinking about. 

Too many are wrapped up in their own life drama, unaware of the pressure building from Earth herself. Thinking their problems are separate and more important than the whole. 

As a collective, we are watching the entire world climate change, and that goes far beyond the physical. 

Mentally we are Waking Up

We are tired of hearing about “The American Dream” and wish to wake up to a world where it was possible. Instead, we live in a world where 75% of adults are on some kind of altering substance at any given moment. A world where most feel it is necessary to numb out just to make it through the day. 

  • Every day we have a new “2 minutes of hate”. 
  • Every day a new enemy to point our rage at. 
  • Every day a reminder of how “they” are holding us down. 

We wake up thinking about our worries. We all spend our days worried about our job security, our mortgage/rent, our bills, our relationships, what the president did, and what our racist uncle might have said online. It’s a lot. Too much. It leaves us broken with no time to think about our health or our mental wellness. 

You might even think “how dare I take time to do such things when the world is falling apart!” To many, mental health feels like a luxury that their life wasn’t designed for. 

We are so used to self-sacrifice that taking 15 minutes a day to breathe seems like a waste of precious time. We have been programmed to be busy all the time and never look within for the answers. 

We have come to a standstill in our culture. We have been divided, yet we are programmed for belonging. Humans are meant to connect, care, support, and interact. 

The more medication we take and the more screen-driven we become, the more separate we too become from each other and ourselves. On some level, we all feel this. Why else are we continuing to shoot each other and ourselves at such a high rate? 

It’s time to speak up about our needs and find that we are not alone but connect through the burdens of life we all collectively carry. When one has the courage to speak up, others will follow. 

The Power of the Vulnerable

Our hearts have become so guarded that we are beginning to crack as a nation under the silence of mental instabilities. To the highly intuitive there is an unspoken nature of things gone terribly wrong. The vulnerability you feel is your power, yet we treat it as a weakness. This is keeping us in silos with nowhere to turn. 

The time has come to override these standards and uncover our power. Get creative and help yourself and others to breathe deep. 

  • Dance like you don’t care how you look
  • Sing/ chant / hum until you find your voice
  • Swim in the open sea
  • Help your neighbor /stranger / friend
  • Cry in front of someone you trust.
  • Write your local politicians / newspapers / or radio stations
  • Walk amongst the trees

No one can express the need inside your heart. Be confidently vulnerable and share your spirit. Shout it from the rooftops and let the haters hate. Those who connect to your spirit will glide through the cracks and find you. And isn’t that what we all want? To be seen by those who love and care for us? Even if it’s just you at the party, go for it.

Your mental health is too important. Your heart’s too big to keep chained up in armor. Give yourself permission to shine. You may be the light that heals another. 

We are all looking for something to connect us. We all want something bigger than ourselves to help ease our worried souls. Everyone is searching, everyone. 

It’s Time to Get Honest with Ourselves

It’s time to get honest with yourself. It’s time to follow your inner calling. It’s time to share your fears, your dreams, your doubts, your love. Ring true with the nature inside yourself and say goodbye to mental instability. You say goodbye to uncertainty when you are in tune with your inner truth. 

No more looking on the outside. Your mental health is counting on you to seek within. Let this be your sign to do that. 

By healing yourself you set out waves of healing to all those you come in contact with. When you breathe out hope and inner connection, others breathe that in. We can uplift as a world by taking time to reach within. Fill your cup so it might flow out unto others.