Walking Toward the Light!

Moving Energy from Fear to Love

Fear is hardwired into modern society. From the time we are walking, we have been told no roughly 400 times a day! This alone sets our brain up to live in a way of fear. Most of us don’t even know that there is another way to live. 

You can choose to live your life from a place of love and you don’t need to wait for a disaster to hit to do it. Health scares are among the top reasons people chose to live differently, but you don’t need to wait for a health crisis to revolutionize your life. 

Take control of your life before tragedy hits 

Wake up and stop walking the path of fear. If you are staying in a job or hanging on to a relationship out of fear I am pleading with you to stop. 

I understand why you’re doing it, but we all know where these roads lead.

What lights you up? Not what you think should light you up. Many of us choose a career or a partner because of fear, and we are never taught anything different.

I was at the park last week and a little girl was showing her mom a stick arrangement she had made in the mud. Her mom was taking a picture of her daughter next to it when the little girl proclaimed with a twirl, “I’m going to be an artist!”

The mom, without hesitation, responded, “Not unless you’re married to a doctor honey. You don’t want to be poor do you?”

Even as I write this I’m getting teary-eyed. What if the next Picasso just got buried in that mud. A part of my heart did. A part of all of us does. 

  • When you were first called ugly your thoughts on comparison started. 
  • When you were first told you were fat, body dysmorphia began. 
  • When you were first called dumb, you began to question your self-worth.

Even the mom, who wants the best for her little girl, is placing her fears onto her daughter. 

But there is another way! 

The fear you feel about being alone, or unloved, or not enough can be transformed into something beautiful by choosing to walk the path of love. 

  • You don’t have to push your body too hard at the gym to punish yourself for eating unhealthy the day before.
  • You don’t have to stay in that toxic relationship because it’s going to be hard to leave and risk being alone.
  • You don’t have to put up with an unhealthy work environment because the money is good.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness out of fear. 

All of the things you’re currently doing out of fear can go away when you decide to change the energy around them. When you decide to transform your mind to a new philosophy and move from fear to love, the energy you carry around things will change.

It starts with awareness.

Once you are aware of your fear-based thoughts the energy around them begins to change. Once acknowledged, it is no longer hidden away in the dark. Light brings a different energy and sometimes becoming aware is the transformation. 

Other times, it takes more work. 

Awareness is the first key. But the thing with awareness is that once you are aware of a problem you must make the choice to do something about it. This is where so many people give up. Choosing to take ownership of our lives is challenging. It’s easy to live a small miserable life. Just look around, we all do it in some ways and we reflect it in each other. 

We tell each other stories like…

  • Relationships are hard
  • I don’t get along with women/men
  • At least I have a job
  • I earned this cheesecake

Only you can hold yourself accountable. 

As Seth Godin likes to say, “Putting yourself on the hook.”

Part of changing your energy around fear is choosing something different than the day before. This is where things get sticky. 

It’s time to own your role in your current circumstance and choose a different path. This might look like switching your internal dialog to…

  • I choose to eat healthy because I love my body.
  • I choose to accept my family for who they are because I love them and trust them to walk their own path towards love.
  • I choose to get up early and meditate because it clears my head for a busy day.
  • I choose to wait for Mr. Right instead of settling for the wrong person. 

Take Back Your Power

No one is going to go to the gym or eat healthy for you. You must choose to walk the path to self-love and begin these healthy rituals on your own. It will take some work, but once you see how good you can feel it will get easier. 

Now that you feel better you start to look back and wonder why you ever let yourself feel so bad. Energy attracts energy, so the road of fear you were walking comes to a crossroads with love and now you can start living in this new path. The way you were meant to live; in love. 

A whole new world will open up to you once you decide that you are worth living in alignment with love. Love is our natural state. Just look at any baby and you can see the trust and love. They don’t question the way they look, or their intelligence, they just live in the energy of love and let their needs be met. 

You can too. 

Sure being an adult takes more than crying to get our needs met, but that’s the joy. Taking responsibility can feel overwhelming but how do you feel now? Is living in fear serving you? Or are you just surviving? What energy are you bringing into your life? And what energy would you like to attract? 

You have the power in you to make that shift now! And it begins with awareness. Meet me on the path to love. There are others here, like us, encouraging and helpful and unlearning their fear-based mindset so we can light up the world together.