Moving from Panic to Purpose

How to Thrive during a Pandemic

Panic will only feed panic. Choose to focus on things you can control.

In these unprecedented times of panic and uncertainty, it feels as though the days are bleeding from one to the next. You Suddenly have an insurmountable amount of time, and no purpose. It’s a weird time. Mostly because nobody knows anything about how to survive and thrive in this unexpected turn we find ourselves in. Whether you are working or not, you’ve had your challenges. You are a good person, and you want to make the best, most logical decisions for yourself, your family, and your future. But what does that mean? What does that even look like?

Nobody knows!

This is causing a ton of panic,, and is bringing our collective energy down. You feel heavy and sad and full of uncertainty. Panic is all around you, but panic does nothing to help the situation.

What if you make the decision to dedicate your time and energy into living on purpose. When you find yourself in uncharted territory it is always better to be led by purpose instead of letting panic take hold. You have the power inside of you to decide if you will raise the energy around you, or succumb to the fear being pumped through every media source out there.

When you make the choice to move from panic to purpose you will feel immediate relief. Nothing has changed except your attitude, yet everything will feel as though it is working in your nature.

I find that opportunity finds those who seek it. Now is a great opportunity to refine and know your purpose.

The world just stopped so you can find your purpose. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Your Purpose

I’m talking about the here and now. Does this have to be your life purpose? I don’t know. That’s up to you. If all you can do to make it through the day is move from the bed to the coach, then make that your purpose. Once you got that down, add in brushing your teeth and taking a shower. Add in getting dressed and going for a walk. Checking in on a friend, or cleaning your room. Your purpose can be as big or as small as you want it to be. The point is to give yourself something better to do than think about panic. 

You get to choose catastrophe or opportunity 

You will live better and you will make better decisions when you decide to set a purpose for your days. Purpose drives your heart to do something bigger than yourself. Change your perspective of being at home to set up what the future will be. 

Let’s face it, some of us are so in fear of the things we can’t control that we are missing a job that we hate. A job we honestly do not want to go back to. Wouldn’t now be a great opportunity to make that shift. Didn’t the entire world just slow down so we can all start to focus on more heart driven desires? I say yes.

let your passion be your guide.

Root yourself in opportunity

Plant seeds today that will make the world better tomorrow. Be kinder, more loving to those around you. I know you’ve been stuck at home with a bunch of other bored panicked people, but what an opportunity. It’s easy to be good and nice and givining when things are easy. It’s when things get hard that our true character is shown. It’s the time when we can actually become a better version of ourselves.

Slowing down to see your Passion

Living on purpose means we break the habits that have led us to this point. Universally we are so overworked and tired that it makes complete sense that we collectively have no idea what to do without work, a plethora of activities, and meetings to keep us active and moving. Being overworked is almost a badge of honor. We have turned into human doings rather than human beings. We have not been programmed to slow down and look inside for the answers. Yet this is the only way through.

Going inside to Find your Purpose

You might asking yourself how to do this. Sitting still is not something you are accustomed to. You have a list of things you say you will get to when you have time and here it is. Are you getting to those things? Some? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not here to judge you. I am pointing out that possibility those things aren’t important. Perhaps your purpose is something greater than cleaning out the garage. However if cleaning out the garage helps you make room in your life to live on purpose than hop to it! Taking the time to sit in the sometimes uncomfortable place that is ourselves might be necessary to get to the place of purpose. Going inside to find your purpose is the answer to truly find your way.

Go inside and reflect on your own passion to find your purpose.

Now is the time to Live your Purpose

What else are you doing? Seriously. Now is the time. Set the momentum today to sail the ship of your life in the direction of your purpose. Everything you do should be with your purpose in mind. Who knows how long you have until the economy is back up and running. You may be back to days of mass overtime to make up for the loss of the company, and you will find yourself longing for these days. Days when you had the choice to live on purpose. Your own purpose. Not the purpose of your employer. Not driven by a paycheck. 

Yes I am asking you to try something completely different than how you’ve probably ever done things. Look inside. Ask yourself what is your purpose today. No paycheck coming (yet). Just an honest look at your life. If nothing else it will take you out of the fear level of energy we find ourselves in and put you in a place more open to opportunity.