3 Ways Your Breath Can Help You Say Goodbye to Self Doubt

Draw in Achievement and Release Your Inner Critic

Imagine for a moment that you are completely confident and clear about your what you want from this life. You have absolutely zero doubt that you are living the life meant for you. You know exactly what you are capable of achieving, you know how to achieve it, and you are 100% certain in your ability to receive it. You show up daily with a knowing that your experience is transforming your life for the better. 

How does that feel?

Saying goodbye to your self-doubt is a matter of what thought patterns you are willing to let go of so you can invite in more supportive thought patterns. 

Contemplating what could go wrong is a normal activity most of us play out in our heads as we think about our future and all the what-ifs? of life. But at some point, this type of pro vs. con reasoning can become harmful to our success. Being prepared for the future is a great thing, but expecting the worst is not. The trick is to learn to create a bridge in your thinking that connects a positive outlook to your self-worth. 

When you feel confident and excited about what’s happening in your world you start seeing more results and outcomes in line with that thinking. You stop second-guessing yourself because you know you bring value to the table. This outlook in your thinking brings more positive things into your life and you start feeling like a total badass in all that you do. 

The world needs more people like this. Yet somehow we’ve been tricked into a system of lack that has us feeling low about ourselves and questioning our worth. This type of thinking isn’t helpful when you are seeking joy, happiness, or a greater understanding of self. 

The good news is that if you are ready to say goodbye to self-doubt it begins with asking yourself questions and the willingness to take action in modifying what you see. 

Here are some questions to take on a walk with contemplation…

  • What do I want from this life? Do I even know?
  • What would it mean for me to show up wholly for my family?
  • What would need to change for me to fully embrace my work?
  • Where in my life do I feel like an imposter/fraud?
  • What brings me joy?

Answer these questions and all questions that arise from these questions until you have a clear vision of what a purposeful life would look like for you.

Then ask yourself; What would it feel like to live in that reality?

If you’re anything like me, then this new reality feels pretty darn good. It resonates with a deep desire within your soul. As you allow yourself to feel into the emotions of it, let it be what it is. Try to not put parameters on if it is possible or not. Just know that it IS possible and feel that throughout your entire being. 

Imposter Syndrome

Coming down from the dream cloud can feel like a total buzzkill once impostor syndrome starts tearing you apart. Am I right?

I have a secret to share…

That impostor only lives in your head! No one else is doubting your ability and shaking your confidence. You are doing this to yourself. Self-sabotaging your ideal life before it even got a chance to happen.

Well it’s time to say goodbye to self-doubt

  • It’s time to end this negative self-talk so you can fully show up in your dream life.
  • It’s time to embrace your inner badass and reach your full potential.
  • It’s time to step into your power and start making an impact in your career.
  • It’s time to devote your attention to your relationships with love.
  • It’s time to re-wire your thinking into one of belief and wonder.

This is possible for you! You can say goodbye to self-doubt and overcome impostor syndrome. You can live a life of confidence. 

Breath The Doubt Away

When you consciously work to change your breathing patterns you begin the process of re-wiring your thought patterns. As you slow down and watch your breath you begin to see clearly the thoughts that run on auto-pilot in your mind. Allowing you to identify, catch, and rewire the unwanted doubt into confidence and self-worth. 

Here are 3 ways conscious breathing can help you rewire your brain for success and say goodbye to self-doubt once and for all.

  1. Exhale Out Rumination

From time to time we all get stuck ruminating on negative thoughts and outcomes. Sometimes these negative loops run around in our thoughts for years before we even notice what’s happening. We can become so addicted to these negative loops that it becomes hard to break this chain. Breath of Fire is a great way to stimulate your nervous system by clearing out your lungs and the stagnant thoughts stuck there. As you forcefully exhale out at a fast pace the thoughts in your head take a back seat. This allows you an opportunity to feel beyond the constant mind chatter and begin to actively make new choices about your thinking patterns. 

  • Sit crisscross or hips to heels, allowing your spine to grow long and your belly to fall loose.
  • Forcefully exhale out the nose 10 times as you actively push the navel in towards the spine. (This will feel like a sneeze)
  • Allow the inhales to happen naturally.
  • Keep your shoulders and face relaxed activating only from the belly.
  • After 10 rounds go back to your natural breath.
  • Sense what’s happening in the body.
  • Do 2 more rounds of 10-20 fiery exhales to help clear out the lungs and the mind.
  1. Draw in Achievement 

You have accomplished so much in your life! Self-reflection is a great way to bring those achievements into the present moment. Self-doubt holds you back, and I get it, you don’t want to make a mistake or look silly trying something new. Here is the rub, you must be willing to risk the unknown to achieve greatness. 

Think back to a time you achieved something amazing. I bet you had to work through some fear and anxiety to get to that point, and I bet it was worth it. 

Thinking back on these highlights in your life reminds us that we can do great things and not dwell in doubt. Don’t compare your timeline to others and press forward. 

Triangle Breathing is great for helping you to draw in fresh clean oxygen, bathe in the glory of it, and release what no longer serves. Doing 5-10 rounds of triangle breathing is a great way to draw in new while leaving that inner critic behind.

  • In a chair, lying down, or in a meditation seat. Just allow the belly room to expand.
  • Inhale through the nose for a 4 count as you fill up your belly with air
  • Hold at the top for a 2 count giving this new fresh clean air time to work it’s way into your mind and body
  • Exhale out through pursed lips for a 6 count (like you are blowing out a straw)
  • Take a slight pause at the bottom of your breath
  • Repeat 5-10 times.

When our exhales are longer than our inhales we clear out old air laying dormant in the body. It allows each following inhale to bring in a fuller breath that is new, clean, and ready to actively move energy through your body. 

Triangle breath is a great practice to try anytime day or night. 

  1. Breathe Gratitude Into Your Thoughts
  • Take a full deep inhale through your nose and allow it to travel deep into your belly.
  • Exhale and release tension from your shoulders.
  • Take a few moments to connect with your breath.
  • Invite in the question, “What am I grateful for?”
  • Notice what comes up, it could be as simple as a nice warm bed, or your favorite raincoat. 
  • Begin Box Breathing using this mantra. 
    • Inhale – I receive gratitude
    • Hold –  I hold gratitude
    • Exhale – I offer gratitude
    • Empty – I am gratitude

Allow the offering of gratitude to change as you like. Perhaps box breathing love, or knowledge and understanding. Whatever comes up for you. Feel the words as you receive with the breath and offer out with the breath. 

This whole exercise doesn’t have to take long. Maybe 5 minutes to start. Leaving you feeling more grateful for who you are and what you have to offer. 

Find Support!

Your breath is your constant companion in life. It is there to support you through everything going on in your world if you learn to use it correctly. However, there are times when you may need more support to help you through a tough time, or to help navigate the challenges you are facing. Self-compassion and self-care are essential in today’s world. 

Find supportive people to talk to. Our brains are a wacky world full of neurons that remain a mystery. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to talk to someone about your difficult thought patterns. Someone who can help set you on a path to recovery. 

Others may find that reaching out to groups of people walking a similar path is the medicine they need. 

Whatever challenges are currently on your path there is a way through them. Your breath is one way of helping you clear the weeds in your mind and see that path clearer. It is what works for me. I encourage you to find the solution that works for you. Only you know what that solution is, but please remember when feelings of self-doubt creep into your life, that you are truly doing better than you can imagine, and there are millions of others, just like you, finding our way through doubt as well. 

If you are interested in learning more about how your breath can support you, check out my self-guided online course, Breath Mindset, and begin your healing through breath today.