3 Ways to Guide Your Energy Back to the Outcome You Seek

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

Have you ever noticed that in times when it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle your thinking might not be the best? It’s natural to start seeing obstacles as permanent fixtures when your focus is on all the negatives. This is because energy flows where your attention goes. Tony Robbins said it best, “To get what you really want in life, you need a clear goal that has purpose and meaning behind it.” This doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles, it just means you learn how to shift your focus to stay present with the reality you seek.

We all have times in life when things just aren’t going well. The hard part is recognizing those negative thoughts that set you spiraling and redirecting them in the moment. This can be challenging since so many of our thought patterns are a product of our unconscious mind. 

The next time you find yourself in a negative thought loop, here are three ways to guide you back into the present so you can redirect your thoughts onto the outcomes you want to see.

  1. Change The Story You Tell Yourself

If you are looking around at your home, work, and relationships and not seeing what you like, then you need to change your narrative. We all have voices in our heads that are unconsciously playing a role in how we view our life. Many of these thoughts are holding you back!

When you find yourself blaming others for your terrible work life or lazy partner, it’s a sign that you’re not taking ownership of your own life. The blame game keeps you safe from having to own the fact that you played a role in the design of your life. 

Of course, there are many things outside of our control, in fact, most things are. 

  • The past
  • The future
  • The economy
  • Natural disasters
  • Other people’s actions, thoughts, desires, and beliefs

Focusing on what is out of your control is counterproductive.

Throughout the history of time, people from far worse circumstances have overcome adversity. A quick way to change the story you tell yourself is to read about these people. Let yourself be inspired by the underdog. Learn about how people like… 

  • Harriet Tubman escaped enslavement and went on to help her family and many others do the same by enlisting help through the underground railroad. 
  • How Abraham Lincoln overcame chronic depression by adhering to a purpose bigger than himself. 
  • And how the diary of 13-year-old Anne Frank continues to inspire by reminding us of the small joys in life and finding appreciation in every moment. 

Try and read about people who transformed their lives and the lives of others and not be inspired to make a move. Notice how the acts of these great leaders start to stir up radical transformation inside of you. 

  1. Take Action 

Taking control of the direction of your dreams means you take action. Inspired or not, just get moving. 

  • The coach is a trap of comfort
  • Your job is a trap for income
  • Toxic relationships are a trap of attachment
  • Living small is a trap of fear

You’re robbing yourself of living your life to your full potential when you don’t take action. 

When you commit to taking action, even a small step in the direction of your goals, your confidence begins to rise. Think about it: Have you ever taken a risk when your confidence was low? I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t. 

It’s time to reclaim your confidence by taking action. Whatever that looks like for you, small or large just start moving!

  • Clean the house, or a room, or a countertop
  • Make the phone call, the email, or the text
  • Write down a goal, vision, or dream
  • Get intentional with your family, friends, and coworkers

We live in an amazing universe that supports the flow of energy. What you focus on sees you and will start to walk towards you the moment you decide with commitment and purpose to walk towards it. I don’t care what it is, focus on more free time or income or ease and stop allowing the obstacles to be the focus. 

Obstacles are just another way the universe is checking in to make sure you really want what you seek. They aren’t meant to be your focus. 

What brings you confidence? Focus on that. Do more of that. Take action on that.

  1. Keep Consistent

With confidence, action, and ownership you are already ahead of so many in the energy game. So many who don’t understand that everything is energy. Including all the things they’re complaining about. Life can be hard or it can be fun, the difference all depends on where your energy flows. You are in the driver’s seat of your life regardless of if you are steering the wheel or not. 

It’s normal to have good days, and bad days, but the key is to stay consistent with your focus. 

Transformation takes time and demands you to keep consistent. A solid routine will help you with this when those hard days arise. 

Owning your experience is a powerful thing, but it comes at a price. 

  • Some may not like that you’ve changed and grown when they are still stuck. 
  • Some will be inspired by your actions. 

That has to do with their focus so don’t worry about it. You just keep consistently fueling your energy into the life you desire, and all things will fall into place. 

Look at anyone who is successfully living the life you desire. They are doing something, probably many things, on a consistent basis that support this lifestyle. Learn from them. Watch them. See how they navigate through challenges and be inspired. Just as someone is looking to you for inspiration, you too must be that example for others. It’s part of what will keep you consistent. 

Believe In The Energy You’re Creating

 It’s an absolute fact that energy is all around you. You have the ability to tap into any energy field you want. And with the right focus, you can step into all you desire. 

Look inside, and figure out what you truly desire. It’s not going to happen without focus. Take action toward this new story, and you will connect with the energy you guide your attention to. 

The Dreaded Feeling of Being Completely at the Mercy of Someone You Love

Lessons in Love and Letting People Be

One of the most challenging experiences in life is to watch someone you love go through hardship. You may have all the right tools to help them, but it is they who must pick up the information and be open to receiving it. Allowing loved ones to walk their own path is HARD! After all, heartbreak is one of the many costs of love.

Parents are incredible. They watch as these tiny adorable beings grow and develop into teenage monsters desperate to find an identity separate from everything you’ve taught them. Sure they remain your precious angel and help develop you into a better, more patient human, but you do it at the cost of watching your heart walk around outside of yourself forever. 

I am not going to pretend that I understand such awesome love, but I do know what it’s like to feel helpless at the mercy of someone you love. 

My dad and I have never viewed the world through the same lens. We have always been at odds with how to live life. At some point, my dad quit arguing and just relied on his famous saying, “Live and learn, Mary. Live and learn.” to which I would roll my eyes. 

I can only imagine how hard this has been for him. His well-meant guidance was so often completely ignored. And yet, he loves and accepts me still. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have an awesome relationship. Heck, I gave the man a kidney! Our differences have helped us both to grow and learn and become, I think, better humans. 

Shifting Roles

At some point, if you’re lucky enough to make it to mid-life with your parents still alive, the roles you play in each other’s life start to shift. 

Not to say that my dad doesn’t still have well-meant advice for me to ignore, but now I too get to watch helplessly as he ignores the knowledge I have to share. 

The circle of life is incredible and sad. One day you’re just a kid – carefree not thinking that your actions affect anyone, and the next day you’re 45 and wishing you had taken that well-meant advice. 

Perhaps if you had, he’d be listening to your advice today. 

My dad has lived a very structured life in all areas outside of his health. And because of these choices, he spends a lot of time and money supporting a body that has failed him. 

It was no surprise when he was rushed to the hospital last week unable to calm a fast-beating heart. He lost his breath completely and spent two days trying to recover his breath.

The entire focus of my business is helping others to breathe.

This is actually what I do. Daily. I help people to transform their lives and take hold of their health by developing a strong mindful breath practice. And here is my dad, unable to breathe.

This is maddening!

With all the resources out there and all the conversations about using your breath to feel into your body that I know would help him, completely ignored!

It’s a reminder that we are all surrounded by resources we are unable or unwilling to see. 

Everyone has something of value to offer you, but it only works if you are willing to listen and learn. Just like my dad so lovingly showed me the door to a mainstream life, it was up to me to decide to walk through that door, but I chose to keep it locked. Now it is me knocking at a locked door wondering why he chooses to not listen to reason. 

Allowing others to be and accepting them for who they are despite all their flaws. This is love. This is torture. This is one part of the journey. 


The cycle of worry continues as my dad makes his way back home with all good intentions to take better care of his health. To work on his breathing, to walk more, to eat better, and to get off diet soda. And I will be there to offer him the advice and support that I can. 

But I too am human, flawed, and know how hard it is to change, even with the best of intentions behind me. Just as he has lived allowing me to come to decisions on my own, I too must respect his choices along his journey. And we will continue to love each other and support each other despite it all. 

This is what my life is about. This is what led me to find my breath in the first place. All we can do is be living examples of our values and try to allow others to be an example of theirs. At the end of the day, who wants to live in a world where everyone agrees with them and sees things the same way? There is no growth in that. There is no way of knowing what you value until it is tested. 

This might be the ultimate test of love and compassion. Maybe the ties that bind us to love are there to remind us that we have work to do. That our way isn’t the way for everyone, and that accepting those we love for their differences guides us to offer the same gratitude and understanding for those we don’t know and don’t love. 

Every breath you take is an opportunity to grow, to change, to see things from a new perspective. This I know because if you are still breathing it means you are still alive. 

I invite you to breathe fully into your life. Breathe deep into the dark parts, the hard parts, the unknown, and exhale out the tension you’ve built around them. Shed light onto others by breathing acceptance into your own experience. Then perhaps by pure example, you may find others are releasing their need to control the outcomes of love, and just be in the moment. Grateful for the time you have and awake to the messages of love. 

Discover the One Tool You’re Missing for Complete Personal Transformation

Moving Beyond the Mindset

If you are into personal development then you understand how important mindset work is. It’s really really important. But in order for growth to take flight you need to move beyond the mindset. 

Mindset devolopment helps us identify patterns that hold us back and gives us tools to release these blocks as we expand our thinking around our lives and circumstances. This is important work. It helps us to be better humans and it helps others to be open to seeing a way out of their limiting mindset as well. The more work you do the more you want to share that work with others because you can see the shifts and enjoy the benefits. 

But what if there was a way to create a deeper connection to your transformation? A way to implement sustainable changes in your life with lasting impact?

Along your path inward to deeper understanding you will hit roadblocks and come up against long-held beliefs that are hard and challenging to grow through. It’s perfectly understandable why so many people stop at mindset work and skip the deep cognitive work that takes place in the more subtle aspects of your body. 

In fact, I’d say most people would rather skip the uncomfortable reality of feeling into their body at all. You are given one vessel to guide your spirit through this world, and we spend much of the time obsessing over it and completely ignoring it all in the same breath.

Breathwork is the tool to help you move beyond the mindset and settle into something much more impactful and rewarding. 

From the moment you are born into this world, and into your body, you have your breath to support you and guide you, yet it is often an overlooked asset. Your breath is the super highway between the external and internal worlds we live in. This alone makes breathwork a sustainable tool for complete transformation. 

Breathwork uses your greatest resource as a guide to dive into the root of your limiting beliefs. It has the power to uproot and dislodge stuck energy. Once this stored energy has been released your nervous system has the power to process and remove the buried trauma from your body. 

Unleashing stagnant trauma-filled energy can be challenging and without the support from all the mindset work you have done it could feel impossible to work through. But you do have your mindset work to guide you through the uncomfortable. You understand that on the other side of this pain lies strength, courage, and a happier, healthier life. 

Breathwork moves you beyond the mindset.

No doubt you’ve heard about breathwork. It’s taking the world by storm right now. Every therapist, coach, and yoga teacher is jumping on this trend because YES! Breathwork is the key. As more and more people become aware of the life-changing practices of utilizing your breath effectively, the more mainstream the practices will become. 

If you are looking for a way to move beyond the mindset then look no further than the rapidly growing phenomenon that is breathwork.

Breathwork can release trauma from the body without the painful reality of having to relive the experience. Breathwork does bring up strong emotions, sensations, and images, but it has been known to accomplish in a short time what years of therapy can do. 

Pair this with a solid mindset routine and you are on your way to…

  • Releasing old limiting beliefs about yourself, your income, and your success
  • Attract more of the energy you want to flow through your life
  • Transform your life into a new way of being

Breathwork uses simple and effective breathing patterns to assist you in releasing blocks. Breathwork also allows you space to identify more clearly where in your body you are holding on to trauma and beliefs that you are ready to release. 

It’s time for you to heal, grow, and take that mindset to the next level. So instead of continuing to fill your head with all the latest mindset research that you’ll probably forget anyway, turn towards your breath. Your greatest resource in helping you grow beyond your comfort zone so you can truly take your mindset to new heights. 

Looking for ways to start your breathwork journey? Join me over at Breath Mindset and discover the right path for you. 

3 Breathing Drills for Swimmers to Drop Time Fast

Manage Your Breathing For Better Results

Swimming is a full-body workout that relies heavily on breath control. Whether you are a competitive swimmer or just looking for a way to stay active and in shape, the inhalation of oxygen plays an important role in providing the body with energy. Managing your breath is essential for improving your time and sustaining you through a workout. 

As someone who grew up in the water and swam competitively for the first 22 years of my life, I have experienced firsthand the importance of using my daily conditioning to incorporate proper technique with breath management.

Managing the Breath

There’s a lot to think about as you travel back and forth in the pool. As in almost all activities, there is a lot of focus on technique to help improve your strength and mobility, but not a huge focus on the breath. 

Because we can’t survive more than a couple of minutes without breathing, it becomes vital for a swimmer to learn proper breathing techniques–something many coaches and trainers spend very little time talking about. 

Swimmers learn very early on the importance of timing their breath. They have to work the breathing into the pattern of the technique and develop their own rhythm so they don’t become hungry for breath during a turn or just before finishing a race. These are the most common areas you can learn to use your breath to drop time. 

Anyone who’s ever raced has been there. You’re neck and neck with the swimmer in the lane next to you, your heart is racing and you’re hungry for breath. Your focus becomes scattered and your need for oxygen outbids your need for speed. You take that last breath and you lose. Why? Because you haven’t learned to use your breath as a weapon. 

It’s the same at the end of a grueling workout when your lack of breath control has you breathing every other stroke. The good news is that you can learn to develop breath control to help improve your time and sustain your energy through a full workout. 

Below are 3 breathing drills to improve your swimming experience. 

  1. Abdominal Hollowing

Abdominal hollowing is an excellent dryland breathing exercise. Not only does it improve your breathing, but it’s a deep-core stabilizer too.

Having a strong core in swimming is really important, and deep core stabilizers are muscles that don’t conventionally get trained. By performing this exercise you are essentially getting the best of both worlds AND the best part is that you only have to do a couple of reps before your workout.

Here’s how it’s done…

  • Sit, or lay on your back 
  • Contract and pull in the abdominal muscles without moving the spine or pelvis
    • Visualize yourself sucking your belly button all the way back to your spine or the floor. 
  • hold this for a 5-second count and slowly inhale.
  • Do 10 rounds

This exercise trains the core muscles to better stabilize the spine and pelvis. Allowing you to have complete exhalations while competing so when you inhale again you are able to take in as much air as possible. Super handy for hard training sets and during races when you want to breathe as little as possible.

  1. Use Breathing Patterns

Your workout is a perfect time to practice breathing patterns. The struggle for oxygen can be tested by playing with the pattern in which you breathe. You can do drills in your workout to strengthen your breath by starting slow and building. 

Using breathing patterns is great since it’ll help you not only to be ready to swim on low oxygen at the end of your race but also to learn to control and maximize your breathing efficiency.

Here’s how…

  • Start slow and progress from there. 
  • Pick a set and start breathing every 9th stroke. 
  • Gradually increase the stroke-breath ratio.

Here’s an example of a ladder swim I love that helps me. All Freestyle with a 30-second rest in between each.

  • 50 breathing every 9th stroke 
  • 100 breathing every 7th stroke 
  • 150 breathing every 5th stroke 
  • 200 breathing every 3rd stroke 
  • 200 breathing every 3rd stroke
  • 150 breathing every 5th stroke
  • 100 breathing every 7th stroke
  • 50 breathing every 9th stroke

This is effective and engaging. It also gives you a solid 1000-yard workout. This can be done in reverse breathing to yards swam as well. 

Breathing patterns are a terrific way to train, but they can and should feel challenging. 

It’s important to remember that sometimes saving your oxygen for longer swims might be more beneficial than practicing retention. Incorporate here and there, but don’t feel the need to practice it during every workout. However, it is a good idea to find a stroke-to-breath ratio that works for you and train consistently using that pattern so it becomes second nature as you develop your breath control. 

  1. Don’t Hold Your Breath

A majority of your time spent swimming is done with your head underwater. Learning to not hold your breath but develop a slow exhale out the nose while swimming is going to help you take full inhales when your head is turned.

The reality is that your body tells your brain when you need to breathe, but it’s typically not from a need for oxygen but more because you’ve built up too much carbon dioxide (CO2). By slowly exhaling out the nose while swimming you are offsetting the CO2 allowing you to stay streamlined longer.

Here’s how…

  • Start swimming and begin as you take your first inhale
  • Once your head is back in the water slowly begin releasing air out the nose. 
  • Count the strokes in between breaths to stay consistent
  • Inhale more fully on your next breath because you’ve expelled more CO2 from your lungs

The idea is to maximize the airflow when you inhale while resisting the urge to hold your breath as you swim. More experienced swimmers do this very naturally. If you are new to swimming, learning to exhale out the nose underwater takes some time. 

You can think of this type of breathing much in the same way you exhale while moving into a flip-turn. Flip-Turns require a more aggressive exhale, but it holds the same principle. Just be careful to not inhale through the nose underwater. It’s not a fun experience and one that sticks with you all day. 

With enough practice, you will no longer find yourself gasping for air in the water.  The drills might even become a fun experience and a way to challenge your breathing muscles. 

Notice Your Breathing 

As you learn to breathe more effectively in the water you may begin to start noticing your breath out of water too. 

My obsession with breath began because of swimming. I have always found swimming to be meditative; an hour a day I can move my body, focus on my breathing and process my thoughts. 

It wasn’t until many years later that I realized the value of what was happening in the water. Now I use my breathing on dryland to induce the same effects. 

Once you learn to control your breathing in the water it becomes easier to manage your breath in other situations as well. 

Situations that were once hard to breathe through become manageable. You will find that you can keep control over your breath and emotional state when life gets challenging. 

Your breath is your greatest asset in the water and in life. Learn to control and manage it and you can accomplish almost anything with more ease. 

My History and Training

If you are interested in learning more about breathing drills for swimmers or for managing stress, reach out. I am in the Seattle area and have worked with local high school swim teams, both on land and in the water. 

I was blessed as a young swimmer to have an excellent swim coach, Bryce Jensen, who still coaches today, and manages the Lindbergh Swimming Pool. He takes his swimmers training beyond the pool with dryland drills and visualizations. He helped move me from a swimmer who had plateaued during my sophomore year of high school to a swimmer who was breaking all her personal records in both my junior and senior years. 

Staying Consistent When You Are Forced to Pivot

Routine and Consistency are Key

As an entrepreneur you find yourself balancing between staying on course and knowing when it’s time to pivot. When things are not going great and you cannot see your progress it may be time to evaluate what the next best move for you would be. 

You may have a set of consistent routines and habits that keep you chugging along, but what happens when those practices are no longer effective? 

The balance struggle in the mind begins. 

  • Do I stick with it?
  • Do I shift it into something better?
  • Do I drop it?

It’s important when making these decisions to not drop a plan to chase a trend. Getting wrapped up in what everyone else is doing is a trap. Staying consistent is the best course of action. 

Consistent Routine

Routine is so important! It helps us build healthy habits that lead to long-term success. The art of the pivot comes into play when you take time to analyze which routines are working and which are not. There is always room for improvement and success leaves clues that can help direct you to make a change or carry on. 

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly watching other successful people. Seeing what moves they make and what is working and what kinds of habits they live by. From the 5am club to cold exposure, everyone has an antidote that they swear by. 

The best habits will always be the ones that you can commit to and do consistently.

Habits and routines are about showing up consistently and performing something whether or not you are in the mood. It’s about discipline. 

Creating a solid morning routine is a great way of starting your day off in a productive manner before all the demands of the day divide your attention. 

If you are looking to move forward in any area of your life you need a consistent routine. 

Routines that help you…

  • Build discipline
  • Have meaning to you
  • Move you closer to your goals
  • Live more fully
  • Provide some control over your life 

It doesn’t matter how successful certain habits and routines have been for other people if that habit or routine doesn’t work for you. You must find the ones that work for you and stick to it. 

Persist or Pivot?

At some point in any consistent routine, there will come a time when it’s hard to commit – when you just don’t feel like moving forward and you no longer see the point. After the excitement is gone it’s a good opportunity to feel the energy you have built around it. 

What does that feel like? And does it make sense to persist through the plateau or pivot in a new direction? 

If you find yourself at a crossroads here are some great questions to ask…

  • Is this working?
  • Is this the best use of my time?
  • Am I enjoying this process?
  • Is this routine moving me closer to my goals?

When a routine becomes stagnant it’s time to re-evaluate. Time to reflect on your why. Why did you implement this routine in the first place and is it still of value?

Take a look back on where you are now from when the routine began and decide if it’s been of value, is still of value, or time to pivot to provide more value. 

Take the Empowered Approach

What is the point of setting aside time for certain routines if it’s not providing value?

By constantly asking yourself this question you are holding yourself accountable. You are ahead of the curve in knowing when it’s time to pivot. If the answer to this question is uncertain you can follow up with… What is a better way? Helping direct our minds to make a fair assessment of when to pivot and when to stay the course. 

Shiny Object Syndrome

Trends are changing all the time. It seems whenever I get used to one social media platform everyone has jumped on to the next. I totally get it. New is exciting and we all suffer from a little bit of FOMO

When you are faced with staying the course or pivoting you might want to check your shiny object syndrome radar. The idea that switching from Instagram to TikTok will create a sudden abundance in your career sounds tempting. But at what cost? Essentially you would be starting over again. Building from scratch. Jumping ship to catch another. Moving from one platform to another. And then what happens when TikTok becomes passe and the kids are onto something new? Do you keep moving with the fads? Or do you stay consistent with your current platform and work it out? 

The eagerness you feel about implementing something new can be fueled into your consistent routine. Where can you place these ideas on the platform you already use?

Pivoting is Growth

Pivoting and starting from scratch is challenging. Pivoting a decent routine into a solid routine is better. Pivoting in this way helps ignite some of that excitement you originally had. 

Asking yourself the questions that determine if you pivot or march on is essential for growth. Pivoting a routine shows that you are paying attention and not stuck to old habits and ideas, but are willing to adapt and grow. 

Pivoting from good to great routines will help you stay committed. Give yourself time to play with the new idea and work out the kinks. You can always resort back to the original routine with new insights and motivation. 

Staying excited helps us stay committed. Routines do become just that, routine, and it’s often hard to find the will to show up consistently, but if you understand why you are showing up by asking the questions above you will be better armed with the correct information to keep you excited and moving forward. Pivoting when necessary and shifting gears to better pursue your goals. 

The most important thing is to not give up or give in. This is the point of habits, routines, and committing to showing up. Whether or not a pivot is necessary is small compared to the larger goal at hand. Keep showing up. Keep believing. Keep committed to your outcome and the rest will fall into place. 

3 Key Qualities You Must Be Willing to Master for Online Business Success

Crafting Your Story, Finding Your Customers, and Bringing Your Business Online

Do you ever feel totally paralyzed by the amount of work it takes to bring your business online? A sea of new customers who you would never have had access to 25 years ago are now all there, online. Now instead of someone finding your local business, you can find them anywhere, but that brings on new challenges. With so many choices you need to craft your story to find your ideal customers. This can feel overwhelming, daunting, and impossible to do. 

As someone in her (almost) mid-forties, I find myself struggling with finding my online voice. I see all the gurus telling me why I NEED to buy their products and how they guarantee it will help me…

  • Find my ideal customer
  • Grow my mailing list
  • Attract high-end clients
  • Make 6-figures in 6 months

This all sounds amazing! But when you boil it down, it’s just good marketing.

I’m not suggesting there is no value in these claims. I want all the information I can to help me bring my small business to a world audience. I’ve bought multiple programs and have gained value from all of them. These online businesses take all the information out there and tie it into a pretty little package for you to take home and have a step-by-step example of how to do whatever it is that they have done. 

Totally groovy.

No matter what the course is about I always get stuck on the same thing. It’s like my block. Then I get discouraged and I fall off course. This is what I’ve learned…

  1. It’s never as simple as they suggest
  2. It all takes hard work and commitment
  3. The results highlighted are not typical

In every course, workshop, or FREE webinar I’ve signed up for they all say the same thing…

You must believe that it’s possible for you.

Nothing will ever work for you if you don’t believe it’s possible for you. 

No matter what you are looking to achieve you must be willing to put in the work, have a clear goal, and see yourself living that life. 

Once you start down a path, obstacles are bound to come up. But Obstacles help you get clear about your own vision–obstacles that end up being your biggest resource. 

Starting or bringing your business online is the wave of the future, but before you jump in, here are 3 key qualities you must be willing to master to bring you to the forefront of your field.

  1. Know Your Why

What you do is probably not unique to you. What you do is probably something that hundreds of others are pursuing as well. As an online business owner, you must be able to articulate why you are doing business. 

Your why is what makes your business different from all the others. 

Simon Sinek wrote a book called “Start with Why” and he reminds us to chase the dream, not the competition. This is such a great reminder. When you got into this business you were set on an outcome, not focused on what everyone else was doing. And you are not them, you are you! And people want to buy and work with people like you. People who are relatable to them. This means you have to be able to simply and accurately express your why – why buying a product or service from you is valuable. 

The “why” is what made Toms shoes so successful. Not only was his mission clear, but others identified with it and it made them feel good about their purchase. There are hundreds of choices out there when it comes to slip-on shoes, but people buy Toms because it represents something more. 

  1. Clear Communication

Communication is key. When you are looking to communicate with your audience it is wise to come from your why. All successful relationships–business and otherwise–need clear communication. It’s so easy to chase the latest trend and get caught up in all the bells and whistles of online marketing. When you do this you are throwing darts while blindfolded. 

Who are you talking to? Be clear. 

When you talk to everyone you talk to no one. 

As an entrepreneur, you must get clear. This will make it easier for you to relay your vision to others, and help you stay focused when the internal and external critics chime in.

  1. Confidence

Self-confidence is so important when you are setting your vision on any big goal because it helps you find your footing during difficult times. Confidence comes from experience and from education. 

You must believe in what you are selling. You must believe you are the person to buy from. You must believe that you are making a difference. You must believe in the value of your work or nobody else will. 

Being an entrepreneur takes guts. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed. Confidence comes from feeling those feelings and taking the risk anyway. It comes from asking for feedback and adapting to changes when necessary. 

You will never succeed if you don’t believe it. No matter how many online courses or books or seminars you attend. You must believe in yourself. Everything else will follow. 

I’ve been running my online breath business for just over a year. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at without the resources I got from online gurus. I also know I wouldn’t be here without the local yoga and breathwork classes I teach. All my clients have helped form me into the small business owner I am today. 

I have had to adjust, walk away, reform, accept, and make choices based on my wealth of information. I am not where I want to be, and I have a lot of work to do, but I wouldn’t be here without perseverance and knowing that I am helping humanity connect to their greatest resource: their breath. 

I am no influencer, but I treat all my clients as though they are the most important client because they are. They are your teachers and will help you become the successful businessperson you have set out to become. 

Learn more about my business, Breath Mindset and reach out with your own thoughts. What do you think are the top key qualities for online business success?

Learning to Create Your Own Algorithm Through Visualization

Your Life is a Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you’re not mindful of your thoughts you could get stuck in a repetitive cycle of constantly focusing on what you don’t like. Your life mirrors your thoughts, both good and bad, so the question is: Are you happy with the images and thoughts you’re reflecting?

Feeling content and happy with your life comes as a result of where you are putting your focus. I saw a post yesterday from Brendon Burchard, “Something weird I noticed this year: many people are very active every day on social media and replying and commenting to random people, but they won’t return text and voice messages of their real friends and family for days.”

Ouch! How many of us fall into this? Sometimes I find myself so busy building my business and connecting with people that I don’t take the time to check on those I love. It’s easy to mask who we are and get lost online when we do this. 

Social media is here to stay and has the potential to blur the mirror of who we really are. 

The perfect Instagram life is shallow. A messy reality is deep. 

But social media can be helpful in attracting your eye to the things and people who interest you. This all affects your mindset and can help you to develop the vision of your life into a clear path of who you want to be. 

Visualization helps us reflect the mirror we seek. 

Take a look at your Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever platform you use to express and experience our collective web. The images and products aren’t there by accident. They are an algorithm of your likes, comments, and follows. 

It’s easy to see how this mirrors your thoughts, so again, you should ask: Do you like what you see? Is it helping you feel good about yourself and the world around you? Are they bringing you closer to the vision you have for yourself so you can wake up each morning excited about the day?

We are lucky to live in a time when we have so many choices! Achieving big goals and living a life suitable for you is more accessible than ever. Believing that your goals can be a reality for you is as simple as directing your focus on what you want and reaching in that direction. 

Simple, yet not always easy. 

The easy thing to do is get caught in the self-perpetuating cycle of why certain things and lifestyles are not possible for you. 

Focusing on the reasons you haven’t achieved your goals is dangerous because your life is at risk of becoming a mirror that reflects failure, pain, and regret. Then you start attracting more of that into your life and resentment and shame start to show up everywhere. 

True desires and feelings will be expressed in positive or negative ways, and it all depends on your focus. 

If you find yourself shallow thinking or enviously focused, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. 

Turning the mirror from a negative to a positive cycle can start happening the moment you decide your life is worth it. 

If you are experiencing a plateau in your life and are feeling stuck, begin by moving your thoughts to what you’d like to see happen instead of what you are currently feeling. 

Even in a repetitive cycle of focusing on the negative, there is something to find light in. Something in your life to help you back to a neutral starting point. It might be that you didn’t have to sleep outside in the cold, or that you are able to buy yourself a cup of coffee. Anything! Start there. It’s a practice in gratitude. 

If you haven’t had practice in gratitude work it will feel a little bit like you are lying to yourself. But soon you will start to see all that you have to be grateful for, and from this space, the mirror of what you want to see will grow. 

Realizing you need work in this space is about developing your mindset, and mindset work is always a worthwhile skill to develop. 

Breathwork is my tool for visualizing my own reality and it helps me take back control of where I’m placing my attention and helps redirect me to where I want to go. I do this some days over and over again until I get it. 

Learning to Focus Your Breath

I love breath practices because they are so accessible and everyone has the mechanics to start consciously using them to their benefit. 

Conscious breathing practices put you in your body, and harness you into the moment. This is a great place to jump into meditation or visualization. 

Headphones can be a great ally in this process because here you can focus on your breathing while being led into some deep visualization techniques. There are a ton of great things out there and I am a huge fan of the Calm app because you can find the voices that are best attuned to your frequency. Calm has practices that range from 5-45 minutes in length in making it accessible for your life as well. 

When you are ready to get serious about visualization I highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has a couple of recordings free on YouTube, but they are only pieces of the pie and only give you a taste of what he offers. His recordings hold a cadence that takes time to feel into but is always worth the ride. 

Along with the breathwork and visualization, you can also create something of a vision board to gaze upon. Physically seeing your desires is a great tool and this is how I suggest you set up your social media scrolling. Only bringing in the good you want to reflect out. There is a company called Lifebook that can walk you through all areas of your life and help you create your perfect vision. They have a range of options to help make it accessible, but the guidance is valuable. 

There are a ton of online options and you can create your own. Visualization is powerful. And when supported by your breath it can move you into a new reality. Helping you to ask yourself over and over: Am I creating the reality I seek? 

Consistency is the Key to Achieving Big Dreams

How a Consistent Routine Has the Power to SkyRocket Your Life

It’s a new year and with that comes new visions and hopes for what the next 12 months will hold. There is a lot of talk about goal-setting and evaluating your progress. Whether or not you are a proponent of this type of resolution thinking, one thing is true for us all…

We must stay consistent in our steps in order to achieve anything. 

2023 might be a big year for you. Filled with new relationships, starting that business, or expanding your family. Significant changes change who you are and how you walk through the world. On the other hand, 2023 might be a more consistent year for you; holding steady for your family, or continuing the grind to produce bigger aspirations for your future self.  Whichever category you fall into this year the key is to stay consistent. 

One Step At A Time

We all talk about big changes and what we will do once we achieve them. But we forget that big changes come from small steps made consistently. Learning how to stay consistent is the discipline that will bring you the success you seek. And consistency is all about finding a routine that works for you. 

Consistency helps us focus on the step in front of us rather than the impossible whole that leaves us feeling defeated. Daily focus on your goals is the commitment that helps you achieve them faster. 

Easier said than done. 

Staying consistent isn’t always easy because starting a new routine isn’t always easy. Some people struggle with routine, so it is vital to create a schedule that you can be consistent with. 

Motivation Is Optional

A consistent routine allows us to show up even when we aren’t motivated by the work ahead. Training yourself to be consistent instills self-discipline that keeps you focused on what needs to be done even when you can’t see the forest through the trees. 

Motivation isn’t always going to be there no matter what you are working on.

  • A relationship
  • Business
  • Novel
  • Education
  • Family obligations

You must learn to show up and give your all even when motivation isn’t coming, and consistency is how you do that. Don’t give up on yourself. Too many people do this because they lose motivation. 

The average new year resolution lasts 32 days!

That’s one month people. I spend more time planning a vacation than that. So how come people give up so early on achieving big dreams?

The problem with resolutions is that people are looking for a quick fix most of the time. 

  • Lose weight
  • Safe money
  • Start a family
  • Leave my job

Saying things like these listed above are only statements until a consistent routine of how to make them happen is established. 

I heard James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, in an interview. The question he said he is asked all the time is… How long does it take for a habit to form? His response was a hard pill to swallow. He said… If you want to have atomic habits the amount of time it takes to become consistent doesn’t matter. What matters is the commitment to showing up every day for the rest of your life. 

If you aren’t seeing progress after 30 days that is normal. Sometimes it takes months before any progress is noticeable. This is why you cannot rely on motivation to see you through. Consistency is the key to any healthy routine. 

In 32 days you may learn how to speak a couple words in a new language, but without the consistent effort to practice and learn more about the new language you will stay stuck there and end up walking away because it is too hard. 

Follow The Plan

Consistency is good for your mental wellness too. Routine is good for us. Our brains love knowing what is supposed to happen and what is expected of us. 

When we know what is expected of us and what steps we need to take in any situation we are less stressed and able to show up more confidently in our experience. 

A plan to follow is key, and you get to create that plan by looking at your life and schedule and prioritizing the things, people, and activities that help you build a consistent routine. 

The hardest part of any routine is showing up consistently. The second hardest part is taking the time to look at your life and prioritizing your needs. Sometimes taking a hard look at what’s happening in our lives and the things we’ve been avoiding makes us walk away from our lofty goals and dreams. 

  • It’s hard to imagine how we’re going to lose weight when our family time is built around meals.
  • It’s challenging to find time to practice for that marathon when we work full-time and are running around with the kids’ activities at night
  • It’s frightening to think about finding romance when you have no idea how to begin looking.

Your Routine

You have a routine that is full of to-dos. Some of them are healthy and some are not. Taking a look at your daily life will help you identify these areas, then it will be up to you to figure out how to deal with them in a healthy way. 

This too can be challenging and make us want to give up. But if you do put in the work and prioritize that which is important to you then you will have more energy throughout your day. 

Your routine will become automatic. A new habit will be formed and you will show up for it consistently even when the going gets tough. 

Once you feel like your new routine is working on auto-pilot you can begin to reflect on how it’s going and where you could use improvements and changes to help keep it fresh and consistent. 


A good way to do this is by celebrating small successes along the way. For instance, celebrate a new habit! Celebrate that consistency with which you are showing up. Doing so will remind you to not throw in the towel after one or two days of set back. 

Celebrating your successes is good for your mental well-being and for your self-esteem. Personal growth comes from these consistent habits turned into routine. The consistency that is leading you closer to the path of your dream life. 

Celebrating reminds us that we are capable of achieving big things and gives us the confidence to go after more of what we desire. 

Ask yourself some questions to get started with a new consistent routine.

  • Where in my life do I already have a healthy consistent routine?
  • What are the things about this routine that help keep me consistent with it?
  • How can I focus more of my attention on achieving my goals?
  • When am I the most consistent with my time? Morning, afternoon, evening?
  • Who in my life can I talk to about helping me be more consistent with my goals?

Figure out where in your life you need discipline. Recognize that you are ready to create room for this goa. Realize that it will take work and be ready for those uncomfortable moments when you are eager to walk away. 

There are a ton of tools out there designed to help you stay on task and be consistent. I find that everyone I talk to has their own methods that work. Finding your method is essential in the consistency game. 

As the new year lies before you with so much potential for growth, I hope you say yes to yourself, and decide to put in the work. You are worthy of greatness. Greatness is within you and all around you. Find something that keeps you consistent on your path and allow this year to unfold one day at a time. Before you know it you will be a living example of your routine and all the more closer to achieving big dreams. 

Need help getting started? Check out my 4-week self-guided online course, Breath Mindset.

A Prosperous and Abundant Future Await Those Willing to Breathe Deep 

Take a Closer Look At Your Nervous System and Get Ready For Change

The new year is right around the corner, and just like that, another year of your life has passed. If you are ready to make big leaps in 2023, better review the highs and lows of this past year. How you handled stress and build bridges towards your goals can tell you a lot about where your work is to create a better future. 

A more prosperous and abundant future awaits those who are ready to ask and reflect on questions designed to both challenge you and move your forward with intention. 

If that sounds like you then let’s get to it. 

  • How did you feel emotionally this past year?
  • How was the quality of your thinking? 
  • Were you able to stay focused on what you wanted to see? Or did you spend too much time in anger and regret?
  • What was your relationship with money?
  • Did you see the growth you were hoping for in your personal and professional life?
  • Did you practice self-care? Or were you continually burnt out?

As you reflect on these questions, take note of how they feel in your body. Are any other lingering truths or excuses popping into your thoughts?

Now raise your hand if you’ve felt awkward or uncomfortable asking for your needs to be met over the last year.

My hand is high in the sky! This past year has continued to challenge me at every turn. Every time I made a leap in the right direction I was tested. As though the universe just wanted to make sure I really wanted something to go a certain way. 

These challenges reminded me that change IS challenging! But if you want to keep moving forward and achieve big goals, then you must get ready to be uncomfortable. 

Getting Uncomfortable

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with big and challenging changes in your life, you are not alone. If you feel like your mind is constantly rationalizing you out of your desires, this is normal. 

Getting uncomfortable is a sign that you are pushing through a comfort area. This is good! It means you are ready for growth and opportunity. 

If the questions in your head sound like any of these…

  • They’ll think I’m a fraud
  • I can’t afford to invest in my business
  • I’m asking for too much
  • Do I really need a coach or counselor for my healing?

And if they are coupled with these sensations in your body…

  • Lump in your throat
  • Knot in your stomach
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Shallow breathing

That means you are being pushed to your edge. Your growth edge. This is where…

  • Fear of rejection is met and challenged
  • Guilt from past events are exposed and released
  • Shame you keep hidden is brought to the light and dissolved

These are not feelings any of us wish to have. But it is on the other side of any discomfort that you will see and benefit from growth. 

Listen to Your Body

Your body is constantly giving you signals. Learning to listen to those signals is a great place to start your growth journey. If you’re ready to make the most of this upcoming year, then pay attention to the stories you’ve been telling yourself. You know, the ones that are holding you hostage in a life you don’t even like. 

Your body can tell you if what you are doing at any moment is helping or hurting you. The stories in your head are sending signals to your body that are either working towards building a healthy and beautiful life or keeping you stuck in an old one. 

The real question here is… What is your worth? And are your thoughts worthy of you?

Your Head and Your Nervous System

The stories you tell yourself day after day about what is happening in your life and what is and is not possible don’t actually live in your head. They live in your nervous system. 

Deep within your nervous system is the root of all your stories, and in order to change, you must identify these stories and pull them out from the root. 

Your nervous system houses your emotions and your energy, and it adjusts itself to protect you always. If your stories are constantly fear and lack-driven then your nervous system is reflecting that. This is why your nervous system is a great place to start. 

You can ease your body, and mind by calming your nervous system. 

This doesn’t mean problems will dissolve. But it can mean that how you react to problems will dissolve. Helping you move faster in the direction of the life more worthy of you. 

Let’s imagine what is possible for this upcoming year…

  • Feeling excited to move forward in your business
  • Ready to create more wealth and abundance
  • Spending more quality time with family and friends
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Practicing more self-compassion and health

All of this is available for you now! When you heal the root of your nervous system stories and embody your worth. 

Now is the time to stop running in circles and move into the new year with ease. 

Breathwork is the Ticket!

The simplest way to heal past stories and move into a more abundant and clear future is through breathwork. 

Breathwork helps you attract and manifest your true desires. Taking the time to slow down and consciously breathe energy and life into your body, you begin to realize where you’ve been stuck. Creating an embodied relationship with yourself is vital for transformation. Breathwork can help unlock these blocks, identify the roots of negative stories, and guide you in visualizing a future worthy of you. A total transformation from the inside out. 

Make this year the most abundant yet!

Give breathwork a try and see how it can calm your nervous system in under 5 minutes. Opening you up to see the world and your place in it through a new lens. More clear, more focused, and ready to break through old limiting beliefs. 

Below is a simple 4×4 breathing technique to get you started. 

You are also invited to watch any of my breathing videos on my youtube channel or purchase Breath Mindset, a self-led 4-week online breathing course designed to help move your mindset and breath into coherence. 

4×4 Breathing

  • Be mindful of your posture. Move your back away from any support and plant your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Begin by inhaling through your nose to the count of four. Let the breath come from your belly.
  • Take a slight pause at the top and feel the air move through your body.
  • Exhale fully through the nose to the count of four. Consciously let go of thoughts and toxins that no longer serve you.
  • Take a slight pause at the bottom and feel the stillness in your body
  • Repeat for five cycles.

Gain Better Control Over Emotions By Practicing Being Responsive, Rather than Reactive

Moving From a Reactive to a Responsive Mind

Do you ever find yourself getting upset about something completely out of your control?

Do you find yourself ruminating on a small inconvenience and making a situation bigger in your head than it actually is? 

Do you ever catch yourself jumping from one ego-driven thought to the next only to find yourself angry and upset over nothing?

Last week this quote came up in an email I subscribe to…

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

This resonated with me for a couple of reasons.

  1. Because this principle is at the core of breathwork
  2. Because this is what is practiced by doing ice baths and cold exposure
  3. Because I often catch myself reacting instead of responding

Even with a solid breathwork practice and work with cold exposure, I still find myself having to actively work on this vital statement. 

Over the past week, I have found myself building up an unnecessary story about a situation at work that is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. In the long run, this situation works in my favor in many ways. 

I started a new job less than two weeks ago. One of the things I had mentioned I was anxious about was what to wear because I’ve never had a job where business casual was the attire, and my wardrobe consisted solely of jeans, leggings, and t-shirts. They offered great suggestions to get me going and I went shopping for new work clothes. It was fun! I actually feel a little fancy, and for this low-maintenance babe, it has been quite a treat!

Well, two days ago it was announced that we would be transitioning from our business casual attire to uniform. 

Umm…. What? 

You mean a week after I went out and spent a bunch of time and money updating my wardrobe? Now you tell me I can wear my jeans to work? The very thing I expressed anxiety over last week? 

You couldn’t mention the switchover coming 7 days later? You couldn’t suggest I start with one new pair of pants because change was on the way?

Clearly, I am agitated by the change. But here’s the thing. I actually don’t mind uniforms at all. The idea of not having to think about my clothes is awesome! And I can wear my jeans, so that rules. Bonus and bonus! 

You can feel my frustration in this example; spending time purchasing new clothes that I now have little to no use for and I’ve worn just about all of them once in the last week and a half. Tags are off and it’s a mild inconvenience. When they told us at the all-staff meeting I took it personally. I began to ruminate on how terrible this company was being managed and how poor communication is. 

I realized whoa!

Is this really how I’m going to respond?

And then this quote came through in my email to hit me in the face and remind me of why I do the work that I do. 

I don’t want to react. I don’t feel good getting wrapped into a frenzy over something out of my control–something that I am actually happy about.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Have you ever gotten upset because you weren’t invited to an event you didn’t want to go to?

Do you ever find yourself filling empty space with an argument over nothing in your head? Having imaginary conversations about what you would say to your boss, family member or friend who you are making out to be the bad guy. 

Maybe you’re guilty of complaining about something as silly as the weather. (As though the weather has anything to do with you at all.)

What if instead you learned to accept the flow of life and matched your thinking patterns to a more pliable nature? 

Instead of, It always rains on my day off, you thought, Oh good, we needed this rain.

Viewing your life and surroundings through this lens can have a profound effect on your life.

Moving from Reacting to Responding

This sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. Working on adopting new and healthier ways of thinking sounds simple, but the key is to catch yourself in the moment and make the decision to move from reacting to responding.

Right now, as you read this it seems simple enough, but you’ll find it becomes much harder in the moment. 


Because your emotions are involved. 

When your thoughts have been triggered into a story about what’s happening in the world around you, you feel it emotionally. You are used to reacting from the ego and your mind becomes busy plotting revenge or feeling sorry for yourself. These triggering emotions are highly addictive AND it’s how you’ve allowed your mind to react for so long that it feels normal and natural. 

Choosing to jump off of a highly charged emotional ego-based story is tough! Your mind will acknowledge that you are creating a fabricated story, but it won’t want to stop. It feels too good. Even if it feels awful, it’s giving you a huge dopamine drip of feelings that validate your ego. 

With practice, you can train your brain to stop the story before it spirals. You can use breathing practices to calm your thoughts and bring you into the present moment. Then you can look at what’s happening in your life and respond from a clear mind. You choose how you want to show up in this moment. 

It does take work at first. After a while, it will become easier and this right thinking will begin to bleed into other areas of your life and more and more positive change will appear all around you. 

Mastering Your Life

In order to become a master of your life you must learn this one skill…

You must be willing to move from a reactive mindset and start showing up in a more responsive way. 

Stop fueling your energy towards stories and events that you can’t change or that have little to nothing to do with you. 

The fastest way to do this is to slow down, connect with your breath, and learn to accept what is.

There is a term used widely in AA meeting that I heard and love; “Acceptance is the key to all things”

Acceptance helps us to surrender to what is and know that it could be no other way. This step alone helps us to respond in more healthy ways. 

The next time you find yourself quickly reacting to new information, jump as fast as you can out of the story you are creating, and start to bring yourself into acceptance with slow mindful breaths deep into your belly. Then from a more focused mind, you can respond accordingly. 

Looking for assistance as you start this process? Join Breath Mindset! This 4-week, self-led course will set you up with all the tools for success!