Is breathwork right for you?

In as little as 5 minutes you can begin the physiological changes to start creating new healthy patterns in your brain. There are an endless number of breath practices to chose from and it’s my job to help you connect to the right ones for your unique issues. 

I’m here to help you connect to your heart through the power of conscious breathing. By listening to your health situations we can develop a breathing practice that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Starting with the fundamentals we take time to slow down and be present with our breath. Optimizing your experience in that moment so it can begin a wave of positive change in your life. 

When you are connected to your breath anything is possible. Our breath guides us through the uncomfortable from a safe space. 

  • Speaking up at work or in your relationships
  • Preparing for a good night sleep
  • Allowing time for digestion
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Decreasing stress
  • Easing Anxiety
  • Healing trauma stuck in the body

Your breath is your biggest ally in transforming your life. 

I’m offering a variety of opportunities to help you get involved on your own journey to health through your breath.

Start Breathing into a life you love

Month long Fundamentals of Breath

$149 for a 4-week program. You and I meet for a half-hour once a week to go over a variety of breathing exercises with the mission of finding the right one for you.


Workshops are typically 90 minutes but can be customized your needs. Workshops vary in price usually set by the gym or organization I work with. Please check the classes and courses page for a list of upcoming workshops. 


Currently teaching at Hot Yoga Renton 

Breathwork Sundays at 8pm

Yin Tuesday at 8pm

One on One Breathwork, Stretch, and Meditation PRICING

Pricing is similar to other private self-care services like a massage or personal trainer. 

The 20 minute intro session is always complimentary. This is where you have an opportunity to give me insight into the work you are looking for and I get an opportunity to share a little about the work. 

Breathwork, stretching and meditation are all a part of good health and often the cost will be reimbursed by your employer’s stay fit or wellness program.

1 Session $125

  • 75 minutes session

4 Session package $400 (100 per session) 

  • Meeting once a week at the same time 
  • 75 minute session

8 Session package $600 (75 per session)

  • Option to meet once a week for 8 weeks, or twice a week for 4 weeks.
  • 75 minute session

3 month package $825 (69 per session)

  • Meeting once a week at the same time for 12 weeks
  • 75 minute session
  • Monthly review chart to see how we’re doing


4 week breath, mindset, and cold exposure courses are scheduled throughout the year and are $149 per person. In this course we use the principles of the WHM to focus our mind under pressure while balancing the nervous system. 

Corporate Wellness

Make breathwork a part of your next wellness conversation, retreat, or outting. I have special pricing for nonprofits and youth education. 

package pricing available

Next Steps…

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