The One Tool You’re Missing That Will Guarantee Success!

Hint, It Can’t Be Found in a $2000 Mastermind Class

You have big plans and you know how to put those plans into action. You are one smart cookie, so when it comes to running your small business you do all the research. But is that research holding you back?

It’s hard to avoid the trap of keeping up with the latest industry leaders telling you what your business needs to succeed. Hundreds of Instagram reels and TikTok videos are created daily that claim to hold the secret ingredient to your financial freedom.

If you’re anything like me you have all the information. You’ve read all the books. You’ve gone to dozens of online workshops and sat through a variety of masterminds. Your head is exploding with all the right marketing material. 

Here’s the thing tho…

The one tool you’re missing that will guarantee success is not one class away. You are obsessed with consuming information and it’s blinding you to the most powerful tool you have. 


You are your niche.

People who buy from you want to buy from you!

It’s as simple as that. 

If you are ready for guaranteed success then you must bring you to the table. Whatever formula you want to apply that to is great, but you must bring your unique story and vision with you. Resist the urge to become a bland model by listening to the voices outside your head fill you with ideas that blind you from the truth. The truth is that your way must come organically from you. 

Don’t be a Copy

We see it all day long: a copy of a copy of a copy. It makes us feel like we must follow a certain path to success. Trying to emulate what others have done feels deflating. And after you’ve tried and failed it’s easy to lose steam. But when you finally have had enough, you will start to forge your own path. 

You will start to realize that no one is your competition except you! Because no one can offer what you have to offer.

The Mind Game

When I started my breath business I had a false perception of why people came to me. I was looking outside myself for a roadmap but was unhappy with every map I saw. I tried and failed many things; reels, lives, daily posts, and working the yoga studio circuit. It was messy and didn’t feel real or right. I was trying to do what others had done. I had forgotten that it was me! People filled my classes because they liked me, my energy, my message, and the way I delivered the information. 

It wasn’t because I had flashy ads, or because I’m so darn pretty. I’m not the smartest or the most qualified, but I make things accessible, and I help people feel seen and heard. I allow them to process and I make things fun. This is who I am. I don’t have a tragic upbringing that I had to overcome. I didn’t go to school to become a doctor in the study. I didn’t hit rock bottom before I made a change. 

I simply started showing up as me. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have more success just by being you?

Heck yes, it would!

Welp, go ahead and pat yourself on the back because the moment you decide to show up as your authentic self you will be more successful. 

You Do You

Being authentic helps others to know if you are the right fit. I feel super fortunate to work at a very busy hot yoga studio. I love it! I teach yin yoga and breathwork – two classes you don’t normally associate with a hot yoga studio. I cool the room down for my classes, and I take the intensity that hot yogis love and tune it way down. What was I thinking?

When I first started, the Vinyasa class before me was so packed that it would have been easy for me to feel less than qualified when my classes were only bringing in half of the students. But I don’t teach Vinyasa. Heck, I don’t teach any form of hot yoga at all! I don’t even really like to sweat. I do however know that what I offer is a great compliment to the classes there and I know that the students who get it, get it. 

I found my footing in the yoga world, and I found it because I listened to my authentic self. Not because I did what every training told me to do. 

I encourage you to do the same. 

Why Did You Start Your Business Anyway?

We all became entrepreneurs for one reason or another. It’s easy to lose sight of that when there are hundreds of details that take our attention off the prize. It’s important to go back to basics and ask yourself:

  • Why did I start this business?
  • What are my goals? Financial and otherwise
  • What makes me really great at this?
  • How am I different? What makes me stand out?
  • In what ways can I start showing up as my authentic self?
  • Would I buy from me?

Identifying your unique talents and showing up as your authentic self are the things that will guarantee your success. Even if the business doesn’t work or you go a different route, you will have succeeded because you did it authentically. This world is desperate for authenticity.

There will always be space for the I need it now crowd, for the what’s the cheapest crowd, but that’s a race to the bottom and you know it. When you show up authentically as YOU some will not like it and that’s a good thing! There’s a saying, “If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one.” 

Find your people by presenting yourself authentically and you will be guaranteed success.