Creating a Life that is Emotionally Rich by Connecting to Breath

You Are the Source!

Did you know that every single emotion you have has a breathing pattern to match? It’s true. When you’re happy your breathing pattern is different than when you are sad, or angry. We see evidence of this all the time. In fact, breath is so intertwined with our emotions that we’ve created all kinds of figurative language around it. 

  • It took my breath away
  • A breath of fresh air
  • Don’t hold your breath
  • Catch my breath
  • Wind knocked out of me
  • My dying breath

Emotions add richness to our lives. We lean towards joy, elation, and love to keep us healthy and content. But anger, fear, sadness are equally important emotions to understand. When you begin to understand that all emotions have an effect on our breathing patterns, then you can see the power you have to change it.

When you are aware of your emotions you can change how you feel by changing your breathing patterns. 

Emotions are what tie us to the past. They remind us of the love and experience that binds us to another. Emotions can become so intense that we feel controlled by them. Sometimes we get stuck in a certain emotion far beyond the actual experience that caused the emotion in the first place. Because our minds are constantly working to protect us they can begin to drown in sadness and sorrow. Our minds do this to keep us safe. A perfect example would be two strangers fighting over social media to prove their point by being nasty to another. They get stuck in ego and anger, feeding off the intensity. 

Emotions aren’t bad, they are healthy and should be expressed and felt, but what happens is we tend to repeat certain behaviors based on the emotions we feel, and through time we become addicted to these emotions and patterns. Too often we get so addicted to negative emotions and thought patterns that we find ourselves living a life we don’t even like. This leaves us feeling powerless because our emotions are running our life. 

Learning to manage your emotions connects you back to source. 

Managing your breath is the necessary skill to bring your body and emotions back into alignment. 

Scarcity of Breath Vs. Abundance of Breath

Conscious breathing actually shifts the chemistry of your body. It impacts…

  • Our physiology
  • Our state of consciousness
  • Our mental state
  • Our emotional well being

By paying attention and making subtle changes to your breathing habits and patterns you are opening yourself up to access more choices in your life. You begin to pay attention to things happening around you in a new way. 

Using your breath helps you to show up in your life in a responsive way vs. a reactive way. 

When you can respond instead of reacting to all that life throws at you, you move your mind from a place of fear to a place of abundance. When you approach life from a place of abundance your breathing is deep and full. Your body is feeling nourished and your nervous system is in balance. All these things help us to make more productive clear choices in how we respond to the situations of our lives.

Whereas when you feel stressed, depressed, or anxious your breathing tends to be shallow, mechanical, and fast. In turn, your body isn’t going to get the nutrients it needs from the oxygen you breathe and that is reflected in your decision making. You start making quick, reactive decisions based on the idea of scarcity. You act out of scarcity because you are breathing out of scarcity. 

Returning to source

Trauma in the body, family behavior, and lifestyle are all factors in how a person develops their breathing patterns. Everyone has patterns unique to their personal experiences, so the key is to manage our emotional state through our breath.

You can learn to anchor into the present moment using your breath. The more you practice this the more access you will have to witness what is happening around you. The more you are a witness to the world around you, and open to seeing it as it is, free of judgment and old stories the more connected to the infinite source you will be. 

Source is within you. All you seek is within you. 

Algorithms on social platforms like Instagram use your likes as a guide to creating an experience tailored to you. Your mind has the ability to do the same thing. Everything you think and do is creating the reality you live in. The reality you live in is based on emotional cues you have selected and gathered around you to create this experience. Now that you can see this you can use this information to begin breathing into a life you consciously tailor for yourself. 

You are consciously creating your own algorithm all the time. 

Invite conscious breathing into your daily routine and you will start seeing significant changes in how you arrive in your life. Conscious breathing helps you to become more aware of your emotions and return to the source of all that dwells inside of you today. 

5X5 Breathing.

A great way to start becoming aware of your breathing patterns is through 5×5 breathing. 

  • Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position, or if on a chair move away from any back support so you can have a straight spine. Plant your feet on the floor, a hip-width distance apart.
  • Round your shoulders back and let your chest feel open.
  • Tuck your chin slightly.
  • Soften or close your eyes.
  • Bring your attention to your breath. Make no effort to change your breath pattern, simply notice it.
  • Begin to slow the breath by inhaling to the count of 5, and exhaling to the count of 5.
  • Bring your attention to the inhale. Feel the breath flow in through your heart center. 
  • Exhale and notice the breath leaving your heart center. 
  • Do 10 rounds of breathing like this, focused on your heart. If it feels good you can place your hands over your heart to help keep your focus and attention there. 
  • After 10 rounds or so let the 5×5 pattern go and continue to breathe with ease keeping your attention inside. 

Notice how quickly you can change your emotional state just be doing 10 rounds of this simple and effective practice. Notice how it anchors you into the moment. Helping you to be more present with yourself and your surroundings. Notice how much clearer your mind feels. 

Simple breathing patterns like this can have a profound effect on your day. Emotional management begins with the breath. The breath connects you to source, and you begin to breath in a whole new way. 

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  1. I love this Mary! I often share how our thoughts lead to how we feel and behave. If you want to feel and show up different, you need to be conscious of your thoughts and identify where you have opportunity to change them. It is challenging work. I love how you speak of ‘conscious breathing’. It is the foundation. It is much easier to become conscious of your breath through your guidance above. It is such the natural start. This article is beautifully put together!

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